Voice Mobile Data and SMS Prices

Voice and SMS

Econet and NetOne have similar prices for calls. Telecel for whatever reason is a little cheaper but that might just be because they have been losing subscribers and hope to entice people to come to thier service through cheaper prices.

Mobile data

Econet and NetOne have comparable coverage as well as quality, Telecel however is the one that lags behind the others.

Private Mobile WiFi Bundles

NetOne has the fewest data allocation offerings and more expensive prices. Telecel’s are far more reasonable but Telecel coverage might not make it viable to invest in a bundle of this size unless, of course, your area has never experienced any problems

Social Media Bundles

Econet is the only outlier that offers additions to social media bundles that involve other platforms like for example the WhatsApp bundles for Econet have the addition of Pinterest and Sasai. The rest of the MNOs don’t have this.

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