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Welcome to our SpeedTest Page.

The point of this page is to create conversation and raise awareness of mobile internet speeds in Zimbabwe. Hopefully, it will catch the attention of our respective Mobile Network Operators. Criticism will be dished out and praise given when it is due.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to conduct out of Harare speed tests so those in affected areas, please consider sending your speed test results directly to your MNOs social media accounts as follows:

Econet Facebook | Econet Twitter

Netone Facebook | NetOne Twitter

Telecel Facebook | Telecel Twitter 

[Update 2: 23/9/2016]


CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 20.22Mbps10.07Mbps

City Centre (Harare Post Office)

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 9.89Mbps17.75Mbps
unnamedLTE 19.39Mbps19.8Mbps

Warren Park

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 9.57Mbps0.52Mbps
unnamedLTE 25.87Mbps19.75Mbps

Kuwadzana 4

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 11.39Mbps5.61Mbps
unnamedLTE 25.51Mbps21.81Mbps

Marlborough (office)

CarrierConnection Type Download Speed Upload Speed
netone-miniLTE 10.2Mbps10.56Mbps
unnamedLTE 34.54Mbps22.19Mbps

[Update 1: 9/9/2016]


CarrierConnection TypePeak DownloadPeak Upload
netone-mini3G (HSPA+)1.25 Mbps2,52 Mbps
unnamedLTE18.70 Mbps9.57 Mbps
telecel-vs-econet3G (HSPA+)3.89 Mbps1.84 Mbps

City Centre (Harare Post Office)

CarrierConnection TypePeak DownloadPeak Upload
netone-mini3G (HSDPA)1.02 Mbps1.73 Mbps
unnamed3G (HSDPA)4.09 Mbps0.11 Mbps
telecel-vs-econet3G (HSDPA)1.43 Mbps0.05 Mbps

Warren Park

CarrierConnection TypePeak DownloadPeak Upload
netone-mini3G (HSDPA+)0.9 Mbps0.72 Mbps
unnamed3G (HSDPA)Failed Failed
telecel-vs-econet3G (HSDPA)FailedFailed

Kuwadzana 4

CarrierConnection TypePeak DownloadPeak Upload
netone-mini3G (HSPA)Failed Failed
unnamedLTE0.76 Mbps0.40 Mbps
telecel-vs-econet3G (HSPA)0.4 Mbps0.23 Mbps

Kindly note the following:

  • We are using Speedtest by Ookla to perform the tests.
  • This app is only available on Android and iOS users.
  • Before you conduct the test, kindly change your server to TelOne, why? We would like the tests to be fair and consistent, and use a local  server that has no internal connections to any of the Mobile Network Operators.
  • Both Download and Upload tests should complete for a test to be considered successful.
  • If you do not get a successful test, tell us!
  • As soon as your test is complete, kindly take a screenshot of the results.
  • Also, navigate to the “results” tab, there you can select the test you just completed and see more detailed information on it, these results are the most important.

How to share your results:

  • You can join one of our Whatsapp groups and share your screenshots with the community.
  • You can email your results to us on, either with a screenshot or the results, there is a small configuration icon on the App (top right) that allows you to send via e-mail.
  • Post your results on our Facebook page or Tweet us on any mobile internet related stories
  • Post a comment below, with all the details from your results (include Longitude and Latitude, and time)

This page will only be used to view updates from what you send us and from the speed test.

For reference sake, here at the different mobile network standards and the speeds you should be expecting:

Symbol Standard Full Name Max Download Speed (theoretical) Max Upload Speed (theoretical)
2GGSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications 14.4 Kbps14.4 Kbps
GGPRS General Packet Radio Service53.6 Kbps26.8 Kbps
EEDGEEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution 217.6 Kbps108.8 Kbps
3GUMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System 384 Kbps128 Kbps
HHSPAHigh-Speed Packet Access 7.2 Mbps3.6 Mbps
H+ HSPA+Evolved High Speed Packet Access- Release 614.4 Mbps to 168.8 Mbps5.76 Mbps to 23.0 Mbps
4GLTELong Term Evolution 100 Mbps50 Mbps
4GLTE-ALong Term Evolution – Advanced 1 Gbps500 Mbps

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