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What industry do you belong to? There no longer is a straight answer to this question. Technology especially the internet has broken down walls between industries. Technology itself is no longer a distinct stand-alone thing, it is now a way of seeing and processing opportunities.

The fence separating established enterprises and startups has been torn down. The CEO of the largest company needs to be aware of the smallest of startups in the remotest of industries from where his/her business operates. The big shot CEO wants to know how this small startup is shredding away whatever assumptions his or her industry has held since time immemorial.

The startup entrepreneur needs to know the lay of the land: who are the incumbents and how do they relate to each other? What are other startups working on? What are the market characteristics…?

Techzim Insights connects large enterprises with innovative startups; capital with growth opportunities; plateau businesses with acquisitions that will jolt them back to life; global capital with African innovation.

Subscribers to Techzim Insights get monthly reports that cover what’s happening within the tech ecosystem in Zimbabwe and the region. They get weekly commentary on developments within tech and business. The discussion is always framed within business model innovation, a reality of the internet world.

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