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Entering your Startup in the ZOL Startup Challenge

Update: The application deadline was reached on 30 September. The best to everyone that applied. See you on 8 October!

To enter the the ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 competition, please enter the details of your startup here. The deadline for applications is end of day 30 September 2014.

You will be notified by email if you have been successful, as well as the final arrangements of the challenge by end of day 1 October 2014.

By entering the Challenge below, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions (please read). If you have a burning question, we may have answered it with other frequently asked questions.

General tips

Selection rewards the most innovative, scalable and businesses that show the greatest promise for profitability. Show this in your application. Tell us the problems your startup is solving, the size of the problem and how you intend to make money from solving this problem.

This is primarily a competition for tech startups. This means your business should use technology (internet, mobile, etc) as a key channel to service/product delivery.

If you have further questions, click here.

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