[Update] Econet tariffs increasing tomorrow, from US$6.24 per GB to possibly $9.36 for a monthly bundle

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I think you are immune to this kind of news now. Econet tariffs are going up tomorrow, the 20th of April 2023. This should not come as a surprise, you know that we are in a hyperinflationary economy and so prices will be going up every so often.

Not only that, in February telecom operators were authorised to raise prices and we were told then that they would be able to increase by a further 50% in April.

The actual statement from the regulator said operators could increase prices by up to 50%, meaning they could choose to increase by less than that or not even increase at all. I wouldn’t bet on that though. There is no precedent.

Econet sent a message out saying,

This serves to notify you of the planned changes on our Voice, Data, and SMS Tariffs and Bundles Prices effective Thursday, 20 April 2023.

So Econet could increase prices by 50% tomorrow and this is how much some of their popular bundles would cost if that happened.

  • The 8GB Private Wifi bundle costs ZW$18,557 and could rise to $27,835.50.
  • The 1400MB monthly data bundle costs $10,478.76 and could rise to $15,718.14
  • The 65MB weekly WhatsApp bundle costs $523.85 and could rise to $785.93.
  • An on-net voice minute costs $94.41 and could rise to $141.62.

We talked about how these current prices are high as it is. If we use a black market rate of 1:1200 to convert to USD, we find that the monthly bundle above costs US$8.73 today. That would rise to US$13.10 tomorrow. That would be an insane $9.36 per GB, up from an already ridiculous $6.24 per GB.

Even the WhatsApp bundle above is priced way too high. If 65MB cost $524, a GB would cost ZW$8255 (or US$6.88). Apparently, these prices are not good enough for Econet and friends.

There’s not much we can do about it now. We might as well get a bundle in before the hike tomorrow.


The new prices are in and it appears Econet did not effect the same percentage increase on all their services. For the most part, they did not take advantage of the full 50% hike that the regulator allowed for.

For example,

  • the 65MB WhatsApp bundle’s price rose to ZW$656, from $523.85, a 25% increase
  • the 1400MB monthly data bundle’s price rose to $11,527, a 10% increase
  • the 8GB Private Wifi bundle’s price stayed the same at $18,557
  • the $94.41 voice tariff is the new one

To see the full tariff list, visit Econet’s website, for data bundles and for other tariffs.

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What’s your take?

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  1. The Last Don

    And I thought the USD was the denominator so it mustn’t change that side but alas it doesn’t happen that way in Zimbabwe. Even government services are priced the same. 😭😭😭

  2. Anonymous

    Mafia tariffs …..

    1. One

      Rich people who in suburbs with Fibronics and those who can the bigger private WiFi are getting the cheaper rates. I costs the poorest folks an arm and leg to get a few Mb of weekly monthly bundles in ZWL.

      The richest Zimbabwean ripping off the poorest Zimbabwean. So how does that USD50 burger taste now, Mr Strive Masiiwa.

      1. Mr Masiiwa MBA PhD

        The burger has a slice of bread between 2 beef patties and it tastes good. πŸ”πŸ˜‹ #BurgerManyama

    2. Hopewell

      But can someone honestly break it down on why they increase USD tarriffs as well? This market is seriously oligopolized. Honestly???

    3. Hopewell

      But can someone honestly break it down on why they increase USD tarriffs as well? This market is seriously oligopolized. Honestly??? Justification?

  3. Q

    This is to discourage people from buying data bundles in ZWL.

  4. Tyve

    The hiking of the tariffs is insane.

  5. Anonymous

    This is unfair prices

  6. They see me scrollin, they hatin…

    Wow! Just Wow!

  7. Thulani

    Strive masiwa, Emmanuel makandiwa and magaya are all in the same what’s App group they are not ashamed by taking from the poorest. But I also think poor people like the abuse!!!!! Why can’t you go to different church or network makapusa

    1. S.K

      At least for Masiyiwa it’s not in the name of religion

  8. πŸ‘€

    Still waiting for the tariff increase

    1. πŸ‘€

      Thanks for the update. I only checked for the private wifi. I have to say Econet’s tarrif increases are not as bad netone.

  9. FX Patriot

    Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo!

  10. Wellington Kahwena

    We will start shifting to fereign simcards SA gas got affordable data packages definitely opting for them is better

  11. Wellington Kahwena

    Let’s abandon local lines and adopt those from SA shift to international roaming and enjoy cheap and affordable price

    1. M2

      I don’t think it’s feasible. Show us the maths

      1. They see me scrollin, they hatin…
  12. Anonymous

    I thot Strive Masiiwa is a Christian but alas 😭😭😭

    1. GG

      Masiiwa is a businessman,We have a choice and I have discovered I can do without Whatsapp,Facebook and other social media services.

      I found out I can use pindula services for news.and other stories.

  13. Pathokuhle Partmore Ncube

    In as much as I would love to express my opinions on this matter, I still think it’s pretty useless.

  14. Milton

    Huh guys don’t do like that ,where can we get the money from ,Masiiwa your prices are too high for sure.

  15. Cde che

    I haven’t subscribed any data package for a long time due to high prices but at the same time I don’t blame the MNOs for increasing data prices. I blame the economy. It’s actually the effects of a hyper inflation economy

  16. Phillipa Mamhare

    Can someone explain to me why Zimbabwe services are the most expensive in the world and yet not the best services.
    for example passports were costing 250usd at one point in time and yet you here comments like backlog, the ink is finished, the machine is not working. yet other countries for example in southern Africa it costed like 10 usd with no backlog, 3 days service.

    Here in Zimbabwe data is the most expensive of all southern African countries. yet the services are nothing to talk home about. citizens just continue business as normal. the prices of econet increase almost every month. Are there other extenal forces ordinary citizens are not aware of which doesn’t affect other southern African countries. The character of Clive Masiiwa as a person, what he stands for does not match the price increases at econet. How come Mascom price increases were stable but with the same head then. I am a devoted customer of econet but lately I was considering roaming under Zambia network seeing that data costs are becoming unbearable.

  17. Mukwere kwere

    Strive kidz: Baba paden hatina range rover Iya into wani. Strive : Rega ndikwidze matariffs titenge my kidz . And we wonder why we don’t move forward in this society because of people like this who ruin life for ordinary citizens I’m sorry guys just press forward next ndiwe uchabatawo chimuti

  18. Senator

    We need mtn vodacom and airtel we are tired of these thieves

  19. Byron Kanougwere

    Bundles are getting too much high

  20. MaMaxwell chikambure

    May you please let zimbabweans one bottle1/4 of oxygen to su4viv3