Bing AI seems to be doing a better job at this AI stuff than Bard AI

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Ahh yes. So if this were a battle of Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google’s Bard AI, Microsoft would already have the advantage. As far as I know, Microsoft did not region-lock their public beta the way Google is. Which probably will be a trend in the approaches these 2 companies will follow.

Round 1: Bing gives references, Bard doesn’t

So right off the bat, we have the approach. With bing, responses to a question are handled with the AI’s sounding response plus citations to where the AI found the info on the web. So if you have a particular section of the response that you need more information on, you can just click on the citation.

BardAI does it the pure ChatGPT way of generating a natural-sounding response in an essay sort of format complete with bullet points where necessary as well as paragraphing. It’s a better presentation and good for copy-pasting but it’s not giving any citations so those looking to dive deeper into a part of the response will have a harder time than with Bing.

Round 2: Bing does summaries, Bard does essays

Bard AI seems to be providing a more comprehensive summary or just a longer response than Bing. Bing seems to provide relatively concise responses more often and so far Bard is providing relatively more detailed ones. This one then falls onto what you the user are looking for. There will be cases where a more concise response is preferred over a more detailed one or vice versa but that is a difference in approach between the 2 AIs.

Round 3: Bing serves dessert better than Bard

One other part that Bing seems to be doing better than Bard is how it handles you after giving you a response. So Bard will send you a response and that’s it. You get a like and dislike button at the button of the response and a Google it button which will send you the Google search results you are used to.

Bing on the other hand will have a bunch of stuff. So contextual shortcuts to some follow-up questions you may have from the results it gave you which are usually pretty relevant, almost telepathic. In some cases, it even pulls up some videos on YouTube relevant to the stuff it searched for you. It seems like a more comprehensive search assistant if I can call it that.

These are just a few hot takes on how the 2 AIs fare against each other. Bing’s AI is not available to everyone but there is still a Waitlist on Bard AI so Google is certainly still running some tweaks and getting it ready for the masses. So this might not be its final form. Those of you with access to Bard AI, what interesting things are you finding out about it and how do they compare to Bing AI?

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  1. Last Tonhodzai

    Thank you for clarification the difference between the 2AIs, its now sounds clear and better since l now know whats exactly differ.

  2. Search for ‘Bardcore’ in youtube, thank me later

    I don’t have access to Bard, but I’m convinced by Bing and by extension, ChatGPT. If I was still in college, I’d be abusing the heck out of the Compose function (image generation sucks though. Too PC to even create an image of an African warrior without getting a ban threat!). The email app I use for work, BlueMail, also got some of that CGPT sauce, summarising emails into TikTok brain sized morsels and generating contextual replies from a couple of sentences!

  3. Isaac

    I want Bard to win so bard but it’s still against all odds in the meantime. On the other hand, is BAI – safe? Is it BAIDU’s (if it still exists) or ChatGPT in a BAI clothing?

    1. Merza

      I did join the Bard experiment. The tool is great some statements here are false. Wait for it, Google might win.