Twitter’s VVIP gold verification badge will cost a grand a month and SMS 2FA no longer be available on free accounts

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It’s been a while since Elon took over Twitter and made quite some radical changes but it certainly was not the last time he did so. In his latest attempts to make Twitter profitable, he has made some changes to verification.

Many Twitter users are definitely now familiar with the yellow checkmark, most prevalent on a number of business accounts. Well, Businesses will be required to pay a US$1000 monthly subscription to maintain this gold verification badge and if the business has sub-accounts, these will also be required to pay US$50 monthly subscriptions each. I know fortune 500 companies won’t even flinch at this but cash-strapped startups are going to have to settle for the blue one.

Thanks for your interest in Verified Organizations. We’re now opening the gates for early access to our Organization plan.
As an early access subscriber, you’ll get a gold checkmark for your organization and affiliation badges for its associates. Next week, we’ll onboard you to our administration portal and you’ll be eligible for Tweet Boosting, which will increase the reach and distribution for your organization and its affiliates whenever you tweet.
If you’d like to subscribe, Verified for Organizations is $1,000 per month, and $50 per additional affiliated handle per month with one month of free affiliations.
Let me know if you’re interested and I can get you set up with a payment link.

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The blue one is not safe either. In the age of hectic cybercrime where even our very own Minister of Finance got their Twitter account hacked, Elon decided to remove SMS-based 2-factor authentication. It’s now only available under the Twitter Blue subscription plan which was settled at US$8 per month. You can still use a security key or an authenticator app to set up 2FA.

While historically a popular form of 2FA, unfortunately we have seen phone-number based 2FA be used – and abused – by bad actors. So starting today, we will no longer allow accounts to enroll in the text message/SMS method of 2FA unless they are Twitter Blue subscribers. The availability of text message 2FA for Twitter Blue may vary by country and carrier.

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  1. Cabcrew

    Obviously when he bought twitter he wasn’t buying a pet. He knew he could commercialise the whole thing

  2. Pay to Play

    For a corporate entity or valuable personal brands that drive revenue, this makes total sense to me. I know there is the MKBHD crew who believe that what was once free should forever and always be free, but there was a real world cost to this stuff that twitter was eating all this time (about 60mill for 2FA sms according to Elon). Like Cabcrew said, twitter is no pet!

  3. Anonymous

    How many Zimbabweans will be able to afford 1k per month for this

    1. Tweety Bird

      There’s still the povo package. $8/month will be affordable to those who have effectively monetized their accounts directly or indirectly. If this is still too far, stick with free and harden your account in other ways and educate your followers on how to spot impersonators and hope for the best

  4. Stripes

    Tora Mari Elon. But please we need that Starlink. My kidney is ready

  5. Knowledge

    Will continue to shop at OK, PnP, N Richards, Spar, Food World etc & will continue to bank with NMB regardless of whether their twitter pages are verified or not. No need to pay $1k per month for verification.