Econet data services are down countrywide

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There have been numerous reports of Econet’s Data services missing in action in a majority of the parts of the country. Econet has not issued a statement yet but its subscribers are already calling them out on social media.

The last time Econet had such an outage, the official statement was an issue on their core network that’s responsible for provisioning mobile services. The ISP has been vocal about how the myriad of power cuts in the country has been crippling the quality of their service. They are having to strain their backup power systems to maintain uptime as is every ISP in the country and some of it is starting to fail, causing isolated outages. However, it’s not clear if this is the case with a nationwide data failure.

If you have a NetOne or Telecel line and you are stranded, you can use your EcoCash to buy NetOne or Telecel data bundles by dialing *405#. Shameless plug I know but it’s a viable option.

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  1. Isaac

    It’s back now, any update 😪

  2. King Adoe

    I nearly flashed my phone 😢

    1. Serendipity or Zemblanity

      I feel ya🤣

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    These are the effects of sanctions on the economy. We lost signal to our recently launched satellite whose line of sight had been blocked by an American satellite.

  4. Serendipity or Zemblanity

    Guys, the timing of it😂 The blackout happened right after I swapped handsets to test out a fix support gave me for another issue. I went from one line stuck on edge to two lines with no data connection no matter how many times I swapped or restarted! I seriously thought I bricked my Sims until I got econets SMS🤣

  5. Mbonisi Mtunzi

    a few minutes after I decided I am not putting a stoploss or closing any profitable position, econet fixed me
    I just learned to have extra sim cards on the side🥲😭😭sobs

    1. Mdu

      hope your trades hit take profit lol

  6. Ronaruto

    Starlink, we are waiting for your presence!!!

    1. Prosakura

      A smaller kit is allegedly in development, about the size of an ipad and with integrated rechargeable battery! If this thing is real and comes with a healthy price cut, sorry (not sorry) econet, I’ll never buy another private wifi bundle again!

  7. StraightFromTheCabin_

    Econet are now deliberately throttling their download/upload speeds on their usd hourly data bundles to very low speeds. Not cool

    1. Toup

      Econet imbavha

  8. Zvenyika

    Thank you for the update, but do not forget that on my side when buying data there is a time frame involved . So who is going to companset for the day lose ?