Don’t fall for it, there is no Youth Empowerment Fund doling out $300,000 to 13-year-olds

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Ever noticed that those who would relieve you of your hard earned money without your consent are some of the hardest-working people on Earth? Scam artists pull in all-nighters, brainstorming how to help themselves to your wealth.

We all like to think we are wise enough to spot scams but the scammers would have switched careers if nobody was biting. The only true thing is that the ones you fall for are not the ones I fall for. So, if you find out about one, tell me cause I could be about to make a life-altering mistake.

So, whenever we come across scams, let’s expose them. It does not matter that it looks so ‘obvious.’ What’s obvious to you is not obvious to me.

Let’s talk about one that fell on my lap. One of my colleagues came across it. It’s obvious to me but might not be to someone else.

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES)

The P-YES is aiming to create at least 774,000 empowerment opportunities through direct youth empowerment over a period of two years.

Creating empowerment opportunities through youth empowerment? Sounds like a solid plan. If you’re honest you’ll admit it doesn’t sound that far off, it sounds exactly like what politicians would say. However, you get to the above after clicking on a link. Here’s the WhatsApp message that hooks you in.

The National Youth Empowerment Fund Application Form 2023 Is Out

National Youth Empowerment Funding Application Form 2023 online for registration exercise which is the quickest to apply for is now out for all bonafide citizens only who needs helping hands in their various Business and Education

The National Youth Empowerment Fund vision is to give out 150,000 – 550,000 grant to every Citizen under the age 13-65 years From 2023-2025.

Age 13-25-(150,000-300,000)
Age 25-65(400,000-700,000)

The Payments has just began for all applicants,Register To be Part of the Beneficiaries
Strictly for Students and Business owners

Check Eligibility and Apply here [we have chosen not to include the link because although we are clearly saying this is a scam, we can’t be sure someone won’t decide to ‘try it out.’]

I have to tell you. When the WhatsApp banner came in and I just saw the “..Fund Application is out” I was like, ‘here we go again.’ It is election season in Zimbabwe right now and we have been getting reports of everyone and their mother-in-law getting 20-hectare pieces of land out of nowhere.

So, when I saw the ‘fund application’ I thought it was a real thing. I felt my blood boil in those 2 seconds it takes a banner to disappear. I thought, ‘there go our tax dollars, funding some vote-getting scheme.’

Then I went to the full message to see just how Zimbabwe was going to bleed for this political manoeuvring. I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Oh, it’s just some run-of-the-mill scam,’ I exclaimed.

Then it hit me. This could fool a few Zimbabweans who are expecting such kinds of ‘deals’ this election season. If the scammers had really polished it up, it could have really worked a charm.

It could have worked

They were greedy though and that’s going to help some potential victims step away from P-YES unscathed. The scammers want P-YES to work in many countries and could not be bothered to customise the messages for specific markets.

You might have noticed that they are no units next to the grant amounts. Are they ZW$, US$, Rands or what? The scammers want you to fill in the units yourself, wherever you may be. They want you to conclude that your 13-year-old brother could get 300,000 in grant money.

They even went so far as to put a few flags and coats of arms on their thing. You know, to make it all look legit. So you’ll see South African, Ugandan, Ghanaian, Indian and some other flags I did not recognise on there.

I think it works against them but that’s what they went with.

We clicked on the link to see how the scam goes so that you don’t have to but it looked too ridiculous to even bother filling out stuff.

They ask for your name, phone number, country etc. Are they after your information or are they trying to get you to send money to them first to ‘unlock the grant?’ Who cares? Let’s just ignore this P-YES nonsense.

Like Telecel says, ‘tell someone.’ You just might save someone from falling for this ridiculousness.

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  1. Isaac

    I have seen that one 😄 these days I get these more often as if they want to know if they’re legit but it could also be because they think I’d benefit… (I don’t need their help) – desperate times 😂🚮

    1. Leonard Sengere

      They spray and pray. For every 100 like you they find one who ‘needs the help’.

  2. D.K.

    The scheming scheme does not apply to us as our oldest youths in some circles go as far as forty years old. For those who believe that life starts at forty, the scheme cut off stage is 15 years old.

    1. Leonard Sengere

      These guys are not even trying. They call it a Youth Empowerment Fund and yet they offer loans to 65 year olds. Like, what? On second thoughts that sounds so Zimbabwean, you are a youth for as long as you want to.

  3. Toup

    In the interest of sharing scam’s econet have their own scam going on

    WOW! Dial *100# now for a chance to win the grand prize of A BRAND NEW SUZUKI CELERIO CAR! Dial *100# now to enter on PLAY AND WIN! $11/day! T&Cs Apply. Econet

    This scam has been going on for years almost 3 years now first the price was a stand the other year it was a million dollars this year its a suzuki. The prizes change,the winners are never announced and trying to get info about this promotion (scam) is hard, not one customer support know about it or when it will end

    What happens is you start playing this promo(scam) for free and later on they they ask you to pay. If you decide you don’t want to pay and keep playing the free option then after every to or 3 qsns you they ask you to join 1 of their services eg personalized ringing tones,soccer update,maisha health etc for a fee of 0.25 a day after you refuse again another free qsn pops up and you answer once you do that you get a sms congratulating you on joining 1 of the previous services you refused and another sms telling you that if you want to unsubscribe call the customer support which in turn dont know anything about the promoScam
    I have been trying to unsubscribe from this promoscam since July – august last year but still money is being deducted everytime i topup. i have exhausted every option. Visiting one of their shops,facebook,twitter,111 customer service. only recently some1 told me to report to potraz hopefully this will work. Just last week i toped up with 2400 rtgs and daily im seeing it being stolen now im only left with 700 and I’m taking screenshots for evidence if potraz need it

  4. Raising Tigers

    While China pulls away from Western firms (across industries including finance) they are still sending out their elite youth to study in ivy league institutions and their equivalents all over the western world so that they eventually take up senior roles in those very firms. Just an observation, make of it what you will.

    1. Raising Tigers

      Lol, wrong tab😂

  5. Right

    Is Youth Employment Tech

    1. Anonymous

      You must be new here.

      “About Techzim
      Techzim is an information technology and business publication that obsesses about the opportunity of tech particularly the internet for individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe and the greater African region.”

    2. Mucho

      Yes its tech these idiots are using the internet to scam us and techzim is using e net to inform us not to buy into this crap.its tech and fraud and damn right deserves to be here