TelOne announces new data prices starting 1 January 2023

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Nothing like a data price adjustment to start off the new year. TelOne just announced new pricing for its data packages. The new tariffs kicked off promptly on 1 January 2023. The price increase is barely noticeable though when compared to the wave of 61% increase in tariffs in the second half of 2022. Telone’s tariff increase is by about 2% from the previous pricing.

Data prices: Old vs new

PackageDownload CapOld ZW$ priceNew ZW$ price
Home Basic10GB62556359
Home Basic Night20GB68816995
Home Extra15GB85558696
Home Plus30GB1377213999
Home Plus Night60GB1752817817
Home Premier60GB2587426302
Home Premier Night120GB3046530968
Home Surfer100GB4381944543
Home Boost200GB6885969996
Infinity Pro500GB9181293328
Blaze Light8GB56305723
Blaze Xtra15GB87588902
Blaze Boost20GB1126011446
Blaze Ultra40GB1814118440
Blaze Trailblazer100GB3881239452
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited7720678480
Infinity SupremeUncapped133545135750
Intense ExtraUncapped183624186656

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  1. Taps

    How do i sign up for Telone internet services?What are the requirements and costs ?

  2. Bill

    Will NetOne retain the USD “Specials” or have these gone up too????

  3. Michael Souris

    It’d be interesting to know what the usd price is. The zwl or whatever you want to call that soon-to-be-worthless currency unit!

  4. Hugh Jarse

    It’d be interesting to know what the usd price is. The zwl or whatever you want to call that soon-to-be-worthless currency unit!

  5. Anonymous

    from the previous pricing.

    Public Notice: TelOne Broadband Tariffs Effective 1 January 2023

    — Tel·One (@TelOneZW) January 3, 2023

    Data prices

  6. Not (so) Bad

    Not gonna lie, I was expecting to see 100%+ increments

  7. Brilliant

    When is blaze coming to Bulawayo, the waiting has been long and its now overdue

  8. Worried techzim reader

    What is happening at Techzim? You guys seldomly publish anything in days.I used to be a big fan but these days you can publish a post after 5 days or more.

    1. Kathy

      They have abandoned Techzim.only Edwin Chabuka remains at techzim, the others have jumped ship, moved on to more lucrative jobs so expect less and less article’s and pray Edwin doesn’t jump ship too.. this is not the first time Techzim has gone on a low. I have been visiting this site since 2013 and can tell you it happens. Writers come, wow us with their articles,gain the so much needed experience and off to a lucrative gig. So rest assured the Techzim we all love and adore will be back better than ever. Just refer your unemployed journalist brothers and sisters that there’s a blog in search of new tech minded journalist, it won’t pay much but they will get the experience they so need

  9. kudzai

    Can someone tel me whats the difference between *home and blaze…* im confused ipapo

    1. sadney

      Home refers to fixed line with a cable (ADSL) while blaze is a portable and mobile modem with a line that can work in the area where it’s registered

  10. Tk

    What is the cost of telone wifi line that can be registered on a mobile device