Sadly, claims that electrically charged rocks (vibranium) found in DRC and Kadoma are false

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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a natural resource-rich country. So, when claims started popping up talking about fancy new electrically charged rocks found there, we all wanted to believe.

The claims, all over social media, said the rocks worked like natural batteries. They claimed you could pick one up and it would be good to go straight from the ground. There were even video demonstrations showing the stones spark when they touch each other and one of the stones power a lightbulb.

Thinkpieces about how this could change Africa’s electricity challenges poured out as you would expect. How could they not when the claims were that 1kg of the electrically charged stones could power a two-bedroom house for two months?

Household power for two months from just a kilogram or a gram of the stuff powering a bulb for 72 hours is the stuff of dreams. That’s why the rocks were nicknamed ‘Vibranium’ after the fictional element from the Black Panther movies.

There happens to be yet another mineral-rich country in the shape of a teapot and some started claiming the game-changing rocks had been found in my hometown of Kadoma.

If only it were true

Turned out the rocks had been found all over Africa in the last few months. It was odd that these discoveries seemed to coincide with the release of Black Panther 2 late last year.

It wasn’t odd, it was exactly as it appeared. Experts have dismissed the claims as utter nonsense. I don’t think we needed the experts on this one but here’s what they had to say.

The rocks could conduct electricity, that’s not special. However, for them to store and then release the electricity there will need to be a chemical reaction inside. The electrons would need to be released somehow. Spoiler alert, there cannot be chemical reactions taking place in these rocks.

There are other issues like negative and positive electrodes. That and the other components of a battery would need to be present in the rock for it to work as a battery. It is highly unlikely that these rocks have these components.

So, it was good while it lasted but we have to touch base on earth. Let the fantasy die a quick death and let’s return to our golds and diamonds, no fancy battery rocks. We can let our imaginations run wild but now let’s do that with the knowledge that there is no Vibranium in Kadoma in real life.

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What’s your take?

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  1. Greek Geek

    Leonard my brother, you’re back. Long time bro☺

    1. Leonard Sengere

      It’s been a minute but I’m back bro.

      1. The Empress

        Are you back back or are you going to be an occasional visitor?

        1. Leonard Sengere

          I’m back back. Will be here every day.

          1. The Empress

            That’s great! Good to have you back.
            Now back to regular programming… This story was painfull for me to read and to think about. Oh the article was good and well written etc etc, but the subject matter is what made me angry and generally disappointed in my fellow brothers and sisters.
            We have the Internet and Google/Bing etc etc and I presumed working brains(I was wrong on this one 😔) with most of the world’s knowledge freely available. But for some reason people think that the Internet starts and ends with WhatsApp/Facebook to find out the latest gossip about Jah Praz/Mai T etm. 🤬 The level of gullibility is so Annoying. It wasn’t even a sophisticated prank!
            A simple Google search would have provided the answer. If people can’t even use the tools that are freely provided and available to just fact check whether something is possible/true there is really no hope for Africa. PS. Google the meaning of etm. 😏

            1. Leonard Sengere

              I would have felt the same had I not also come to realise that access to the internet is not as great as it seems on paper in this country.
              When we get the internet penetration stats, the user who only purchases WhatsApp bundles contaminates the results. Turns out there are many such people. The internet to them is WhatsApp and they never have the data to Google anything. So, I now have a little more sympathy.
              With that said, I just don’t get the levels of gullibility. One shouldn’t need Google to dismiss most of the claims that circulate on social media.

              1. Ok

                I use Internet to play online games and it frustrates me when im experiencing high network pings. Unfortunately those who use youtube only dont notice it.

              2. The Empress

                I one such friend. His WhatsApp bundle is always is the main thing that he uses on the phone and he rarely if ever uses it to browse the Internet. So his phone accidentally flashed when he took it for repair and he was crying about how he had lost all his business contacts.
                And I straight up told him “ nope sorry this time I’m not going to join you in crying, I helped you open a Google account so that you could sync your contacts with Google in case something like this happened nd this is now the 3rd time saka it’s your own fault ” The Zimbabwean love for a bargain sometimes has costs that we don’t see until it’s too late. So you right that 30.6% Internet penatration rate for Zimbabwe is actually probably nonsense in the grand scheme of things, when you consider what people are actually doing/using the Internet for.
                Like they say commonsense is not that common. How else can we explain the breathtaking levels of gullibility shown?

  2. Unobtanium

    I must be doing something right with my life coz this completely missed me until now😂

    1. Pikachu

      What😂😂. What have you been doing with your life bro? These videos were all over the internet

      1. The Empress

        So I guess you also the video about how the people/creatures in the film Avatar can be found in the Chimanimani mountains ?😏😉🤣🤣

        1. Pikachu


    2. Nth Metal

      😂😂😂 this is the first I’m hearing of this nonsense too. To think people believed this…. but then again the same people believed that they were tiny microchips in vaccines capable of mind control

    3. Leonard Sengere

      You, my friend, have to share your secrets. How did you avoid this.

      1. Unobtanium

        By living under a rock! But now some of the comments here guilted me into looking further into this. I just don’t want to be that African who offhandedly dismissed our salvation, an unwitting useful idiot laying out the red carpet for Freedom™ at the hands of Reaper Drones, you know!
        My conclusion? I was better off under that rock😂 In one video, the LED was on while the wire wasn’t even touching the rock! In another, one big rock is sitting on what appears to be a flat piece of metal while the rear of the other rock is hidden by a gloved hand, all cropped so as to conveniently cut out any sources of current that are definitely 100% not there!
        That’s as far as I can go, but if there’s something to this, I’ll leave it to the many African Universities to at least easily verify a repeatable, observable phenomena of a rock producing sustained power.

        1. Nobert Kazingizi

          Repeatable experiments are a pre-requisite to validating a hypothesis.
          And yes, YouTube is full of fake videos. There are more fake videos on “Energy” than any other category. I’ve seen fake videos were people use air blowers to power a spinning rotor from a distance and claim that the rotor is self powerd and spins infinitely without stopping.
          However this does not mean a magnet rotor cannot spin infinitely with out external power source. For every magnet motor type (based on principle) there is a design that works. There are 2 simple designs that work. The rest are very complex.

  3. Nth Metal

    😂😂😂 this is the first I’m hearing of this nonsense too. To think people believed this…. but then again the same people believed that they were tiny microchips in vaccines capable of mind control

  4. Kasoka N.G

    I live in Zambia and this story is not new to me but the way it was formulated and thrown into social media it was something else. But believe me or not there is no smoke without fire.

    1. The Empress

      You know what? You might be right. 🤔
      But in this case I sincerely believe that the “ smoke ”you’re seeing is from a huge pile of burning bull💩

    2. Leonard Sengere

      I think in this case we are dealing with a smoke machine, there is no fire here.

  5. Nobert Kazingizi

    Well since they have concluded that it’s fake, let me fill you in with the possibilities from a scientific perspective.
    1) It is possible that this rock could generate at the most 300mv of electricity under certain conditions. The fact that they used different colour rocks shows they have a fundamental understanding of the principle. However when connected in series they do not produce an output equivalent to the number of cells. E.g a 16 cell arrangement will produce 2-3volts, enough to light an LED or torch bulb. This is funny considering that 1 cell produces 300mv, but something happens when you multiply the cells. And yes no chemical is required for particular scenario.

  6. Nobert Kazingizi

    I have a similar cell that I created, but I didn’t use rocks. However the fundermental principles are the same. This is why I believe this rock battery works, but it won’t power a house or heavy duty stuff. Though it could power your digital clock, LED torch and other light duty stuff not for just 2 months but indefinitely.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Let’s welcome the new CEO of Saith Technologies and Chairman of the Chinhoyi Diesel Group, Nobert. 👏🏽👏🏽😂

      1. The Empress

        You never know maybe Mr Nobert has discovered something really impressive!🤔
        Let’s ignore the fact that he has somehow broken the laws of physics and reality itself!

        1. Nobert

          I did make a new scientific discovery. But it is not rocks. From where I stand, it takes little imagination to see that the same principle could apply to rocks. Furthermore the ancient black Egyptians discovered that magnetised granite generated physiostatic electricity when it came into contact with moving water. They used this electricity for electroplating their ornaments etc. I better not tell you what the other use was for, because it will blow your mind, and you and most Zimbabweans and are not ready for the truth. The truth will overwhelm you and turn you world (knowledge) upside down.

          1. A skeptical guy

            Then please enlighten us, don’t keep this knowledge to yourself. You could be cryptic about it, and never let the world know about it.
            Or you could tells us here and now, so the world really can change. If you have the way to perpetual energy that breaks the law of physics, then make it known and usher a new era. Or stay like that, and keep it for yourself.

            1. Nobert Kazingizi

              But here are the facts: The world’s leading agencies have known for decades that these devices are possible and that they are a concern to energy “think tanks”. Free energy has always been considered a threat to the balance of power in the world. There are entities who will make sure that no free energy devices make it to market.
              They don’t mind the fake stuff. But try putting up a genuine free energy video on you tube and see how long it stays up there. 3 things will happen, first the algorithm used to help people identify your video will be changed. You’ll notice lower and lower views before your video is taken down.
              Google (the owner of YouTube) has invested in free energy so genuine perpetual stuff is considerd a threat.
              But just like everybody else, Google can’t go to market until some other entities feel that the time is right
              .Also these entities buy-out anyone who manages to get ready for market. Do you know that the guy who first created the fuel cell, water powered car was offered US$1Billion by shadowy people. When he refused the deal they organised another meeting at a restaurant and poisoned him.
              Then that are secret entities who fear that free energy devices or knowledge may have been acquired from alien beings.

            2. Nobert Kazingizi

              I’ve been doing long term experiments. The original cell is now in it’s second year. I’ve made 7 variations of the design, and I have to say that it’s turned out to be better than I could have expected.
              I have a few ideas on how to improve the cell output and I’m confident that they will work.

              You are right about declassifying the tech, but I want to conclude my research and take it from there.

      2. Leonard Sengere

        🤣😂🤣 Saith.

  7. Nobert Kazingizi

    P.S Clue to how the rock works.
    Remember iron pirate rock (fools gold) absorbs radio energy!

    1. The Empress

      Go on. Please I beg of you! I really want to see and admire the intricate tapestry that you have managed to weave out of Bull💩!

      1. Nobert

        I wasn’t planning on talking about this tech, but when I saw that you were discussing this tech, I simply had to set the record straight. Its OK you don’t have to believe me but if my input helps someone out there to harness and develop this infinite electrical power source, then that would be a good thing!

  8. Bob Mbewe

    It could be true these capitalists are up to no good, they want to be in charge of Africa

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  10. Always Off Topic

    Wakanda forever

  11. Pascal

    Please you need to find more informations about this, because personally I know someone who has these stones, it’s true when you put them together, it shows like electricity and confirm this is true. Now talking about using it in 2 bedroom house for 2 months , I doubt this information, these are comments from the street.

    1. The Empress

      But why though? Why waste anymore time trying to find out more information on something that has been scientifically proven to be false.
      Ofcourse if it’s based on magic that’s a different thing altogether! And it needs to be investigated! But I don’t think that this is the site that you can get more information on this issue try looking on the Dark Web you can find anything there if you search hard enough.
      BUT maybe I’m wrong let’s ask just incase…. MR Leonard Sengere do you know magic? 🤣🤣

      1. Nobert

        This is not magic. It’s pure undiluted “SCIENCE” It may sound impossible to you, but if only you knew!

    2. Nobert

      “Scientific Hint” – If you take a piece of piezo crystal and touch it with a piece of aluminum, you get a tiny electrical current (something in the 8-10mv range).

  12. Wakanda Forever

    Its equal to Vibranium its been kept under wraps, a traitor from Wakanda exposed it to the world our vabranium🤣🤣🤣🤣We will downplay it 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Warden

    What i want to know is what are the sources of these stones and what are the actual facts of these stones. All I read was theories of what one believes the stone to be instead of actually what it is, have you experimented with these stones or done any research?

  14. Gana

    I believe it’s true but since y’all wicked colonial masters don’t want the world to knw realities abt Africa and it riches, you discredit the rumors jst so y’all can come steal from our resources like U’ve been doing for ever now. Without the sheeples having a clue.

  15. Febian Liamba

    Why are we even down playing it when non of you have touched or seen the stone .What makes you think Google has all the answers.
    If it were me I would give it a benefit of doubt and then go down to research. Someone can not wait to mine it and then make a name for himself .Africa isn’t sleeping anymore .
    The stone may have properties that produce electricity. We are not dumb like 1000 years ago.

  16. Tom Wlazlak

    EttCM Energy Technology — Converting Permanent Magnetic force into usable power output
    Simple system like a electrical motor but the input power is produced by the output usable energy
    like hydroelectric power is free so is EttCM Energy.
    Only add interest into the technology can make it happen
    Or there is always burning Oil as a life time option

    1. Nobert Kazingizi

      Nice approach!
      But then again, didn’t we all think that it would work until we tested it? The problem is that the generator/motor scenario cannot generate more that it can consume. Infact it cannot generate equal to what it consumes. All in all, it represents a good shot at pepertual motion/energy.