Outlook and Teams are down for thousands of users. Microsoft Azure network outage is the cause.

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Microsoft Azure is facing a global outage to what they are claiming is a subset of their users. The classification of this subset of users is not specified however Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, services that run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform seem to be down.

Azure Networking – Multiple regions – Investigating

Starting at 07:05 UTC on 25 January 2023, customers may experience issues with networking connectivity, manifesting as network latency and/or timeouts when attempting to connect to Azure resources in Public Azure regions, as well as other Microsoft services including M365, PowerBI. 

We’ve determined the network connectivity issue is occurring with devices across the Microsoft Wide Area Network (WAN). This impacts connectivity between clients on the internet to Azure, as well as connectivity between services in datacenters, as well as ExpressRoute connections. The issue is causing impact in waves, peaking approximately every 30 minutes. 

We have identified a recent WAN update as the likely underlying cause, and have taken steps to roll back this update. Our latest telemetry shows signs of recovery across multiple regions and services, and we are continuing to actively monitor the situation.

This message was last updated at 09:36 UTC on 25 January 2023

Microsoft Azure Status Page

According to this statement, the root cause of the outage is network related and the network outage is a result of a bad software update done to the network which they are working on rolling back. How soon the service will get back to normal is still not clear however Microsoft is sharing real-time updates on its Azure page that you can view here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wonder if the layoffs touched Azure. They weren’t mentioned in the Microsoft news.
    PS. RIP first party Windows 10 license sales. The 5 zimbos who were planning to buy have my sympathies.

  2. Km

    Zvechingezi zvodzoka zvonetsa😫

  3. Anonymous

    I know I messed up. I shouldn’t have failed. Sorry. I just can’t keep living like this

  4. Antman

    Now I see why my outlook app is not receiving or sending messages