60 minutes and 500MB FREE when you buy US$5 airtime on Telecel.

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It’s that time again to hunt for that Telecel line. They have announced the Free for Five promotion, rewarding their customers with free on-net minutes and data when they spend US$5, US$3, and US$2 in airtime. RTGS purchases also qualify because we have to be all-inclusive. This is what the rewards will look like.

US$ AirtimeRTGS AirtimeFree MinutesFree Data
21200 – 1799.9915 minutes Telecel – Telecel
3 minutes Telecel to other networks
31800 – 2999.9920 Minutes Telecel – Telecel
5 minutes Telecel to other networks
53000+50 minutes Telecel – Telecel
10 minutes Telece to other networks

The Christmas promotion will be running from 25 November 2022 till the end of February 2023.

We would like to reward our customers for being so loyal and true to us by giving them
something for free whenever they purchase airtime from us this festive season. We have
also extended the Christmas promotion to end of February because we understand that after
the festive season with schools opening everyone will be financially strained.

Telecel Zimbabwe press release

Won’t be enough to bring back, customers

Telecel’s market share has been shrinking rapidly regardless of them having the cheapest prices all round for their services. Their market share currently stands at 3.3% as of Q2 of 2022 and that number was 0.2% higher in Q1. Promotions and deals have been good and plenty at Telecel but how good are they when you can’t access the network?

A vast majority of the country is devoid of Telecel network coverage. Their total base station market share is 9.5%. That is 2G, 3G, and 4G. And it is evident also in the traffic on the network with a 0.5% internet and data traffic market share. That’s half a percent of all the mobile internet traffic in Zimbabwe.

It’s great and all for Telecel subscribers that still use the network. It’s cheaper internet and calls for them. The conundrum is they might not have extensive enough network coverage to enjoy such a promo. What works is if, at the very least, the network coverage improves to a point where Telecel can become a viable alternative to the competition. Instead of having a promotion-based customer retention strategy, they invest that promo money into network expansion.

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  1. Loren

    KO netone ma USD bundle are they affordable? Econet are now greedy nxaa

    1. Nijo

      I bought 10 usd airtym for netone and im stuck with it hapana option pa *171# rekutenga ma bundle ririkusenza ese arikunzi not available or mabonf chete maybe pane imwe Ussd inosenzeswa

      1. Patrick Kuzakwawo

        With Netone you have to buy the $10 Mogigs card kana uchida zvedata,

    2. Baetch

      I was pissed off when econet raised the USD bundles price. Now am thinking about migrating to Net1

      1. Anonymous

        Strive playing 3d chess greedy people😤😤😤

  2. Tawanda

    The main downside with Telecel is reliability. When there are power cuts be rest assured that you are offline. And we know how the ministry of energy is working overtime to make sure we don’t have electricity

  3. Tawanda

    The main downside with Telecel is reliability. When there are power cuts be rest assured that you are offline. And we know how the ministry of energy is working overtime to make sure we don’t have electricity!!!

  4. D1vant

    For me, if they can introduce some competitive data bundles, then i might be enticed. To think that telecel doesn’t have hourly data bundles on their rtgs & usd offerings bugs me.

    1. eeeeggh

      Dnt forget the connectivity..i bought their 8gb the beggining of last month Nov 2022…they expired before i cld use them.only worked whrn i was in thr CBD

  5. Qq

    Network yeTelecel inobata muHarare chete, ngaipihwe radio license toziwa kuti i community radio yemuharare pamwe inoita profit

    1. Anonymous PQR

      That’s not True. I get 4g in BYO full time and in addition to that nowadays I constantly get 3-4mb/s

      1. Gig

        Telecel network is only available in big cities chete

        1. eeeegh

          Its found in the CBD of big cities chete…residential.areas you struggle

  6. Patrick Kuzakwawo

    The problem with Telecel is that they have poor network especially in Chitungwiza,isu vamwe takatoite give up kudhara

  7. Nkosie

    I wanna know how Telecel network is performing in Bulawayo before I use it as my alternative

    1. Anonymous PQR

      I guess it depends on which residential area. Am in BYO trust me it works fine, ofcourse when there is no power its struggles

  8. BeIT

    In Harare TELECEL only works in and around the CBD. Poooh chaiyo