Brace for 61% more expensive internet. Again

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In a letter sent to Telco subscribers, a data price increase of up to 61% was approved by POTRAZ for November 2022 for all Telecommunication operators. This price increase is affecting ZW$ pricing which is not really moving with the official rate.

The letter also says that these 61% increments have been in effect since August this year. A big reason for why these tariffs are not following the rate is that tariffs were frozen for longer than the bank rate was and so they are trying to catch up to it.

Essentially we were enjoying cheap internet which did not show the true value of providing the service. As much as POTRAZ did schedule these 61% steps in July, it may not be able to get tariffs matching inflation but still for Telcos this can be a welcome lifeline to stay afloat and for the customer, it’s yet another big data bill. Below is the full letter from Telco.

Circular from Telco

14 October 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for the continued opportunity given us to serve you . We remain sensitive to our
responsibility to make our services available and affordable to you, our valued partners.

As communicated in July 2022 the regulator, POTRAZ , has granted all operators in the
telecommunications sector a blanket 61% tariff increase for August, 61 % for September
and another 61% for November 2022 for broadband and related services.

This letter serves as a reminder that the November 2022 invoice for ZWL services will have
a 61% price adjustment in order to maintain the quality of service you deserve and to remain
viable as an operator. While the economic environment has stabilised somewhat in the last
few months, the telecoms sector had fallen behind in effecting increases.
Given that it is a
highly capital intensive sector which needs to upgrade infrastructure regularly using foreign
currency, the increases are essential.

Should you wish to switch to USD billing, kindly contact our Billing Department on

We appreciate your continued support in enabling us to deliver quality service to you always.

We do continue to request that payment be made promptly each month to allow value to be
preserved and thank you very much for your patronage.

Telco circular to customers

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  1. 20

    It would be interesting to see what subscriber figures are in the next potraz report now that the cost is in line with the rate

  2. Gamu Murume

    Isai a WhatsApp sharing feature like that on Pindula Moda kuudzirwa shuwa 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. King Alentus

      Haipo here?

  3. flysiddthesoulution.exe

    Telecel inobva yavhara horait

  4. Anonymous X

    Chero vakakwidza internet price by 100% isu hatibhadhare data ngavazive kut droid kuseri

    Kana uchida kuseterwa droid on your device contact me @+263733623605
    Usauye usina ye🥃

  5. BaHlengy

    Going bavk to SMS