Send up to US$30 for only $1 in charges with Access Forex for a limited time

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It’s hard out here. We could all do with every deal we can get and Access Forex is offering a sweet one right now.

They are running a promotion where you can send up to US$30 within Zimbabwe for only US$1. This promotion ends on the 10th of September 2022.

This promotion comes at ‘back to school’ time and is meant to help parents out a little. But of course if you are sending small amounts you can enjoy the low charges.

By now you know that the Zimbabwean government collects 4% every time a USD transfer is made. So, normally to send US$30, taxes alone would cost $1.20. So when you pay Access Forex just a dollar, it means they are covering some of your taxes.

It will cost Access Forex 20 cents for every customer that sends $30. Not to mention their forgone cut. Hence why the promotion has an end date.

By the way, this is not sponsored. It’s just a good deal we had to let you know about. So you know how good the deal is, normally it would cost $3 to send $30 via Access Forex. The other remittance services that charge 7% (e.g EcoCash and InnBucks) will charge you $2.10 for the same service.

So with Access Forex’s promotion you save $1.20-2.00 when sending $30 and under. It may not sound like much but if you can save a dollar why would you not save it?

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  1. Tadiwa

    I think they should reduce the chargers of forex from30usd to 1 to 30 to0,05 usd