Play C-Trade Fantasy, you could win over US$1000 as you learn how to trade stocks (ZSE)

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I’ve been playing fantasy football for years now. I’m not really good, I have to admit. This season I almost didn’t play, missing the first 2 game weeks. As a result I’m number 43,217 in the Zimbabwean league. There are 47,578 people in that league and the last guy is sitting on -49 points. Negative 49 points guys, makes my 169 points look like magic.

The point in all that is that there are at least 47,578 Zimbabweans playing fantasy football. The actual number is much higher if we consider that the official premier league fantasy league is just one of many fantasy leagues available.

The Escrow Group saw this and thought, ‘what if we created a fantasy league but for investments, not sport?’ They partnered with Nedbank and Alpha Media Holdings and came up with C-Trade Fantasy. This fantasy game is meant to increase knowledge in investments as well as promote a culture of saving.

Fantasy what?

In fantasy football you play as an owner/manager of a football team and you create your own team of players from real players in the relevant football league. The performance of the team you pick out is dependent on the performance of the real players in the real world.

Those that have never played fantasy football but have traded forex now know what that’s all about. It is like having a demo account. You make your trades using virtual money and your performance is dependent on how actual currencies move in the real world.

C-Trade Fantasy

C-Trade Fantasy is a game in which you have a demo/live trading account and you trade in securities. Performance will be judged on how the securities perform in real life. So, you can be certain that if you had invested real money, you would have performed exactly as you did in the game.

Here is how it all works as covered by Spiked:

  • Eligible participants register for the fantasy and at the same time create their live trading accounts
  • Participants will each be allocated ZW$1,000,000 virtual cash for practice purposes
  • The platform will have access to live market data to enable simulated securities trading
  • It will also act as a demo platform for those requiring a practical feel of our markets without having to part with real money
  • Trading will be as if one is trading on the real market but using virtual money
  • Participants will be able to test their skills in analysing and picking the right stocks to build their virtual portfolios
  • The platform will track the performance of the virtual portfolios for each participant and rank them according to performance
  • The highest performers will various prizes monthly while the best performers at the end of each six-month season will be awarded the full value of their portfolio in real money for their investment in the live market
  • Participants will also be able to create their own mini leagues among their friends and families to compare their portfolio performance

That’s all clear enough. Note how sweet the prizes are. The best performers see their virtual portfolios converted to actual portfolios.

Do remember that everyone starts with over US$1000 in virtual money. So, if you find yourself amongst the best performers it means you will have grown that amount. Whatever amount your virtual portfolio will have grown to is what you will get as an actual real world portfolio, as a prize.

There is no way you should miss out on this. Even if you don’t win, you still win. This could be the foray into stocks trading you have been thinking about making.

By the end of this you will know what investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange means. And you will have done it risk free.

To sweeten the deal, participants will be receiving free professional training and ongoing coaching from Piggy Bank Advisory investment researcher Batanai Matsika.

You will need to have a bank account to participate and if you don’t have one, Nedbank will be assisting people to open accounts. So, if opening an account has been a challenge, take advantage of this opportunity.

C-Trade Fantasy goes live on the 15th of September and you can’t afford not to be a part of this.

We will update this article on exactly how you can participate.

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Why are you not playing Fantasy Premier League?



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    Tell them to zero rate the app.

    1. Nsele

      Not everything should be free. If you can’t afford and can probably do without, let it go. I am sure that for many websites and apps, people who can’t afford data shouldn’t even be the target audience.

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        Look who is talking.

      2. Shots Fired!

        Ouch… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Shots Fired!

      This is exactly the target demographic that C Trade is looking for. They’re desperately trying to atrract the type of customer who can’t even afford the data to browse Techzim but relies on it being zero rated… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. @Shots Fired!

        We don’t want to waste our data thats all 😀

  2. Kay Bee

    It would be great to learn how to trade in stocks

  3. CzĂ r

    Share value seem to be going down on the ZSE, trade wisely fellas

    1. terrence mugova

      that actually is a reason to invest cause you getting things on sale. If you want to be wealthy, you run towards a bear market (lower prices) and not from.

      1. The Empress

        Ah yes… The buy the dip theory of Trading.
        But what happens if it continues to dip?
        This is when experience/knowledge comes in handy otherwise it is just a recipe for disaster

      2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

        If only it was that simple, we’d all be rich.

    2. Luckson Takudzwa

      A wise investor might opt to invest on ZSE and hold long positions.

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    I have sent my reminder guys see you on the 15th of September

  5. Anonymous X

    I have sent my reminder guys see you on the 15th of September!

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    I can’t wait 👌 👌 i joined c trade a long while back i wonder if my account is still active

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    The C-trade guys have no customer care.

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    Would like to appreciate you such a good move especially to people like me who are eager to learn more about investing in stocks.may you please consider me in your initiative.

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    I am looking forward to your updated article.

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    The official C-Trade app was/is sooo buggy,I wonder how this will work out.

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    How do I start? Link please. 15 was yesterday, my guess is that the fantasy is live right now.

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    Whats the latest on the c trade fantasy

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    Where is the update