Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and cosplay event taking place at Shoko festival, end of September

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Gamers of Zimbabwe, the time has come to meet with fellow gamers and showcase your MK skills. And also to bring out those Batman costumes into the light. The Gaming Hub zw will be hosting a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and a cosplay event during the upcoming Shoko Festival.

If you didn’t know or had forgotten, the Gaming Hub zw is “a space for connecting a community of gamers and non-gamers through a combination of gaming on consoles and virtual reality in the form of a (locally designed and constructed) combat flight simulator.”

The Gaming Hub zw is partnering Esports Zimbabwe and others to host a gaming booth at Shoko Festival 2022. You can visit the their gaming booth from 27 September – 1 October 2022 and see what’s what.

Of the tourney and cosplay, here are the details:

MK11 tournament

Date: 30 September 2022

Time: from 1PM

Venue: Moto Republik

Entry fee: Free but registration required to enter tournament

Cosplay (LAN party) social event

Date: 1 October 2022

Time: from 2PM

Venue: Moto Republik

Entry fee: Free but registration required to enter tournament

You can register here.

Do note that this meeting of gamers does not end with the Shoko Festival. The party continues at the Zimbabwe German Society/ Goethe Zentrum Harare after the festival. You can reach out to the @gaminghubzw on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find out more.

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  1. ____

    Is that Kung Lao or Rambo in that MK poster, couldn’t help but notice.

    1. Leonard Sengere

      You’re correct on Rambo. These new characters, from left to right – Rain, Mileena and Rambo.

      1. The King of Serpents

        Don’t forget RoboCop and Predator

        1. Anonymous

          Ini ndokudai mese naFujin
          If ari madoubles Fujin + Raiden combo is untouchable 😎😎

          1. J

            @ anonymous Ndinokuzvambaradza na scorpion ukanochemera mhamha izvezvi so😊😊,kana uchina huya online

            1. Captain Samsung

              I used to use Scorpion,but i feel like he’s a Noobies‘ character because anyone can easily use Scorpion let’s be honest.Its like bragging about the e-drag Attack in Clash of Clans or using Bayern/Juventus in FIFA

              1. Tigu

                I beg to defer the lord of the underworld is not that easy especially in the latest games were he’s been made older and slower. gone are the days were any id.iot wld just press random keys and use a special attack. If any1 can use scorpion in the latest games and win anokiya munhu iyeye.. nemamwe ma characters aapo ari fast and deadly iwe pakaipa. With that said ndina sub zero🥶 mese muri vana

              2. Captain Samsung

                @Togu I’m yet to find out,I’ve only used him on X not 11,Noob is the one i know akaitwa weaker than before

  2. Citizen raPen naChisa

    Cosplay muZimbabwe 😂😂
    That’s some die hard fan stuff right there

    1. Doppelgänger

      Yes, cosplay in Zimbabwe! If you are shy, there are plenty of characters that have iconic, more normal looking outfits that you could cosplay! One of my past favourites was MCU Nick Fury! If the tournament is too soon for you, Comexposed Converge 2022 is coming up end of October! Make a day of it with the kids, nephews and nieces and geeky significant others. It will be fun!

      1. Captain Samsung

        Why does your name have an Umlaut?
        Anyway unorohwa nevanhu mutown ukafamba necostume yaScorpion worse still mskana akapfeka costume eg yaEmpress Sindel or any female Superhero

        1. Doppelgänger

          Keyboard suggested the German style spelling!
          For sure, some Zimbos will lash out at some of the more risqué costumes, but here is a couple of ways I saw others handle it at past events:
          – Wear simple merchandise like character t-shirts, upper-body print shirts or just the character colour schemes
          – Wear one iconic piece of the costume (a sash/scarf, a mask, a visor, a glove, a jacket, a weapon etc)
          – Pick simpler characters like day one Netflix Daredevil or Uravity in school uniform
          – Make a more modest remix of the costumes (full top instead of bikini top, skirts instead of tights, tights instead of skin etc)
          – Have a costume simple enough to put together onsite
          – If you have to travel fully suited up, avoiding public transit! Costly if you don’t have your own ride but better that than getting assaulted by idiots.

  3. Jinx

    Shush, y’all ain’t got my respect cause you didn’t acknowledge Jacque Briggs Upgraded, the most broken character in MK11.

  4. Tops

    Out of topic
    Techzim tinzwirei kuti One-wifi bundle, dollar a day nedzidzo bundle achadzoka rinhi ku net1 coz ahasikutenga for nearly 3 weeks now zvichinzi tiriku updater… USD airtime basa racho ndereyi kunetone coz ukaita topup ahukwanise kufona unofanira kutenga ma bundles apa ahasikutengeka

  5. Captain Samsung (Defender of the Galaxies)

    Kunozara here first of all
    Coz kana ndichida kunozarwa i would just go to a Burna Boy concert
    Inini I’m looking for a place to just chill n meet other gamers or possibly esports teams
    And what about the Ni**a to Chicks Ratio😂😂