Zimswitch raises Zipit limits

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At this point, it’s now old news that our economy and the currency are not doing so well and a clear sign of that is basic goods and services cost more than the amount of money you are allowed to extract from your bank account.

Zimswitch has announced new Zipit limits for person-to-person payments. Single transaction limits have been moved from ZW$25 000 to ZW$$100 000 with monthly limits having been bumped up to ZW$400 000 from ZW$100 000 back in June. This review will take effect on the 1st of August 2022.

Customer Notice
Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that the ZIPIT person to person transaction limit has been reviewed from ZWL$25,000 to ZWL$100,000 with a monthly limit of ZWL$400,000 effective 1 August 2022. In other words, an individual may now opt to send up to ZWL$100,000 per single transaction but ultimately being governed by the maximum limit of ZWL $400,000 per month.

The ZIPIT functionality is available on the following options:
1. ZIPIT from any Bank to all Mobile wallets,Ecocash,OneMoney,Telecash and MyCash
2. ZIPIT from all mobile wallets to all banks.
3. ZIPIT across all banks.
4. ZIPIT across all wallets

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  1. Ruf

    Surely monthly limit of 400 000 is to low
    It of interest what’s the limit on swipes

    1. Hugh Jarse

      It’s WAY too low, Ruf! Unfortunately, with the same incompetent lot still in charge, it won’t improve any time soon. Just one of the many reasons I’m gone in 8 days time! Have had more than enough of Zimbabwe and the ridiculous situation, which won’t improve.

  2. Barf!

    That figure will more than double by the end of the month, seeing as the country’s on yet another downward spiral, with no hope of improvement in even the long term. Still, remember what you’ve allowed to happen, and done nothing whatsoever to get yourselves out of, since 1995! True, you have that equally useless, divisive and greedy idiot, lurking in the shadows, but you, the voters, inflicted this harm on yourselves, and don’t seem even remotely interested in getting out of your own self-inflicted mess either.

  3. Hugh Jarse

    That figure will have to have a couple of more zeros at least, by the end of August. So glad I’ll be shot of Zimbabwe by then, as there’s no hope whatsoever of improvement. Another self-inflicted, downward spiral, which is rapidly gaining momentum, but then it’s what you, as a nation have done nothing to stop,