TelOne’s new data prices effective 1 September 2022

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TelOne has recently announced their new data prices for home internet. This comes about a month after their last tariff increase. The new tariffs are to take effect on the 1st of September 2022 and they will only be affecting the ZW$ packages. US$ packages remain unchanged.

New prices vs old prices

PackageDownload CapOld ZW$ priceNew ZW$ price
Home Basic10GB24133885
Home Basic Night20GB33015314
Home Extra15GB26554274
Home Plus30GB53138554
Home Plus Night60GB676210887
Home Premier60GB998216071
Home Premier Night120GB1175318922
Home Surfer100GB1690527217
Home Boost200GB2656542770
Infinity Pro500GB3542057026
Blaze Light8GB21723497
Blaze Xtra15GB33795439
Blaze Boost20GB43446994
Blaze Ultra40GB699811267
Blaze Trailblazer100GB1497324107
Blaze SupernovaUnlimited2978547954
Infinity SupremeUncapped5152082947
Intense ExtraUncapped70840114052

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What’s your take?

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  1. Anony


  2. Anonymous

    Its almost 100% increase which is sad and of late their service has been very shoddy and substandard.

    1. Unfocused Youth

      Totally agree with you about their service. Very inconsistent lately. Can’t even have a 30 minute Skype call without the connection dropping or freezing every couple of minutes.

  3. citizen

    Its still reasonable with the rate

  4. LOGIC

    Those Home basic,plus& extra packages are still good considering that uu live in an area without much load-shedding plus if you don’t use the internet much

  5. Ruf

    Time for downgrade in packages.i bet zol. Has something interesting in store for us all

  6. Chris kals

    How much is the tellone simcard cost…

    1. sadney

      SIM card for 1usd but you will have to folk out USD 112 for the modem which is bundled together with the sim

  7. Sam Mapother III

    I believe this was in response to the spiking “rate.” Now that the “rate” has stabilized, will they go ahead with the price increase?