Negative balance on your Liquid Home (ZOL) account likely from modem insurance which has increased

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TelOne Telco Liquid Home

You may have noticed a negative balance on your Liquid Home account. Leaving you wondering why your account is always in the red come top up time. The culprit is probably modem insurance.

You probably never read the terms and conditions when you first signed up. You’re only human, nobody reads those terms, I imagine not even lawyers do. So, unbeknownst to you, you may have signed up for modem insurance.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with insurance. In fact, it’s one of the bedrocks of a functioning economy. When insured, you can get an item, in this case a modem, replaced in the event of damage. Yes, Liquid Home will replace your modem if something happens to it. That’s great, you won’t have to buy a new modem should your current one die.

However, like with most things in a free country, you can decide you don’t need the peace of mind that insurance gives. In Liquid Home’s modem insurance’s case, a quick email to should do the trick.

You might want to do this because modem insurance is now ZW$1,154. I can hear your inner monologue right now, convincing yourself that those modems last a lifetime. Who has ever had to replace a modem? You ask yourself.

Well, you know how insurance works. The moment you cancel a plan is the exact moment disaster strikes. So, you might as well pay the ZW$1,154. It’s less than US$2 anyway.

Wait a minute though, you can get a Huawei modem like the one Liquid Home stocks for as little as $25. That would mean your modem insurance is enough to buy a new modem every year. Hmm, it looks like the insurance premiums Liquid Home demands are a little on the high side.

In the end it’s up to you. You decide whether paying ZW$1,154 per month for modem insurance is worth it. Remember though that Alibaba can be sketchy and so the US$25 modem might be a dummy unit. Are you willing to scrounge the internet or pay Liquid Home full price for a new modem should yours die? If not, just pay the insurance.

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  1. 20

    Considering that everyone paying the 2usd surely they should just subsidise the cost…. Its already paid for

  2. Tashinga

    So they decided to increase modem insurance without notifying us what a joke kkkk. I was wondering why I have negative balance

    1. welcome to Zim

      yep that is what they did, the dirty little buggers ! same happened to me, no email/notice or anything !!!

  3. Rodrick

    Where can i get the modem for $25 ?

  4. DK

    Just buy another modem and keep it somewhere safe for peace of mind.

  5. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Why pay modem insurance to begin with? The replacement cost is not high. It’s just scaring people with “what ifs.”

  6. huya

    The negative balance part I understand. What irritates me is when I pay with swipe and specifically tell the cashier to cover my balance AND new bundle. You won’t believe what I find out when I get home!

  7. Persuade Dzeka

    I like this website