ZB Bank has rebranded & says it wants to put a smile on its customers’ faces

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ZB Bank Zimbabwe yesterday held an event where it unveiled its new company branding and direction to shareholders, customers and the press. Before I go any further, I would like to commend ZB for the most “to the point” presentation I have ever witnessed. The CEO Shepherd Fungura was the only one from the bank to deliver a speech which was accompanied by the presentation. I say this because there are some institutions that have an Oscars long speech list that takes a lot away from what everyone has assembled for.

ZB bank Old Logo

That aside, ZB’s new branding is much the same as the old one, if I am being fair. However, there were some nuances that Shepherd Fungura went into that made me understand it a little better. The first thing to note is the semicircle below ZB, which is supposed to represent the smile that the bank is looking to bring to its customers.

ZB Bank has already started work on turning its HQ in Avondale and other branches into client experience centres.

ZB Bank first Street
ZB Bank First Street Branch

What the term “Client Experience Centres” really means, I am not too sure. However, if I was to hazard a guess from what was said at the launch event is that they are looking to accommodate more clients comfortably in their branches. At the rebranding event, ZB also share pictures of the work that is ongoing at branches across Zimbabwe.

Swipe Right for ZB Chisipite
Swipe Left for ZB Rusape

“Retail banking has been the flagship of the group’s operations and this is where the transformation has begun, with a major investment in the conversion of branches to ONE DIGITAL ZB Service Centres. While digitisation is here to stay, the Group’s leadership believes physical outlets are still essential and necessary in Zimbabwe market where internet access is not yet universal and connectivity is often erratic. The repurposed branches will be an opportunity to connect with customers face to face, while mobile technology still enables remote access to services.”

A. Masiiwa, ZB Company Secretary

While all of this work was going on, ZB CEO Shepherd Fungura said that normal branch services would be unimpeded. All this was said to be paired with an internal training regiment that would get ZB Bank staff up to speed with the ever-evolving field of customer services and enhance the customer experience.

“Putting people at the heart of what we do doesn’t only mean customers. It also means the people who make up our internal teams. If we want to make customers happy, we have to make sure that we have happy people working in the group. You can’t pass on happiness that you don’t have,”

S. Fungura, ZB CEO

The proof is in the service

All of this is great, but the true test is in holding true to this new direction. A new logo only becomes a proper symbol when the story that ZB is telling now is what they actually embody going forward. We did a whole podcast with Sherman Baloyi the Creative director from local brand strategy firm OnaDsgn, which went into the depths of what you as a customer should be on the lookout for when you see these rebranding exercises locally. You can check that episode out with the player below or by clicking the link here.

I’d really like to hear from any ZB customers in the comments about your experiences before and after this new rebrand.

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  1. Esinath

    Thank u very much.

  2. Talent

    That is what we call rebranding, the logo is really the best, the lower circle really brings a smile to someone’s face. I am impressed a lot, I was still debating with my thoughts on which bank I should use but now I have come to a conclusion of being a zb customer…

  3. Taps Digital Marketer

    Rebranding must also come with a new product to put a smile on customers faces.A low cost banking account ZWL or USD, Visa/Mastercard prepaid card that only requires $5 and I.D would have pushed the bank forward in branding.

    Most companies when they rebrand, they offer competitions/promotions or discounts to attract attention of customers and new potential customers.

    By renovating the banks it will not attract me much as I would not be having an account there, it may satisfy the already bank customer yes.

  4. Tanaka Machiranhekwe

    This is good

  5. Old Man On Deck

    Lol! That feeling when the rebrands you rolled out back in the day start rebranding againšŸ¤£
    I won’t comment on the corporate speak, that’s a dime a dozen, but I love how fresh this feels. The very amateur motion graphics animator in me sees a lot of fun, kinetic potential in it. Nice job!

  6. George mungoni

    Well done and quite refreshing. Can’t wait for the new look in msasa tho the team there is always smiling

  7. Sencia Chandavengerwa

    Job well done ZB. Hoping to enjoy the new look at my Shurugwi branch. I would also like to commend the staff there. Keep up the good work.

  8. Molly Musarurwa

    Congratulations for an excellent plan of action.I was contemplating on moving from ZB,taking long to be served, and in April was harrased by a First Street ZB
    Bank official over the phone .A lady’ s voice called in the morning (05/04/22) and harangued ‘ me “…ndiMolly ..eh makabvisa ma 5000 mu account makaisepi adzoserei izvozvi haisi yenyu.” I was inconvenienced ,rushing to the bank and facing winding ques and back to work and calling the bank and put on hold for ages and start all over again and lastly …” ah it’s alright ,the money in your account is yours .” Bakhithi!

  9. Anonymous

    Rebrand the ques please

    1. Modalities


    2. Alfred Mavela

      Please also rebrand the way you offer services to your clients. Honesty, reliability and customer service are still lagging behind, especially in your Harare branches.

  10. Kupakwashe Diana Mitchelle

    The first rebranding should have been removal of those incompetent batch behind their desks.

    Personally I have been a victim of ZB Bank incompetency. I have had our Accounts debited several amounts both US dollars and local currency for Bank cards we were never issued.

    We transferred funds to our BancABC account on 26th May this year and the same disappeared into thin air. Destination account received nothing and yet ZB claim transfer was successful and actually debited service charges for that unsuccessful transfer.

    We have also had our Accounts debited for POS machines we don’t have. Each time you visit the branch incompetent staff you keep getting the same assurance that the cases were referred to Head office and await for their address. Rebranding in name means nothing unless it is backed by efficiency

  11. Mahaso

    Thats gud bt u must improve and start to put money on the atm machine for the convinience of your customers, we are spending more than 2 hours in ques trying to withdraw our monies in bulawayo

  12. Ngwenya Philani

    Hopefully you will increase your tellers during peak days like civil servants paydays and monthends, surely u find one or two tellers during these peak periods really

  13. Limbaz

    Bhanga rangu ZB.
    Was there this morning actually. Didn’t quite feel the customer-centric vibe. But not any worse than other banks/companies. Tatojaira.

  14. Hope Lubambo

    How can we smile when they are taking forever to process a simple loan?