You can now receive PayPal transfers directly into an EcoCash USD wallet

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EcoCash has announced that it has partnered with PayPal for users in Zimbabwe to receive international remittances through its existing partnership with global cross-border remittance giant Thunes.

“Leveraging our Hub partnership with Thunes, we are excited to add Xoom, a PayPal money transfer service, to our growing number of remittance partners to Zimbabwe,” .

EcoCash spokesperson

The name Thunes is one we have heard before from EcoCash’s sister company Steward Bank, which late last year announced that it had added it to its network of remittance partners. If that arrangement has bled into this one is something we cannot be sure of, but one can wonder.

At any rate, this means any Zimbabweans in the diaspora with a PayPal account will now be able to send funds directly to the EcoCash USD wallet.

“Anyone with a PayPal account can now simply logon to the Pay Pal Xoom service, using their PayPal credentials, and be able to instantly send money to their family or friends on EcoCash USD wallet from wherever they are around the world,”

EcoCash Spokesperson

For those in the diaspora, Xoom charges US$9.99 for transactions up to US$599 and US$12.99 for transactions above that if it’s for cash pick up. There is also a mobile money fee, which on the Xoom fee calculator, stays at US$5.99 even up to US$1,000.

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  1. Frustrated

    Why did they take so long!.

  2. Isaac

    Thanks Gari! Allow me to update you about our own IE -> Sasai. Some of us actually thought it’s killing it untill it accidentally killed itself a couple of months ago.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      While I crave praise it isn’t me. These are the hard working folk at TechZim.

  3. PayPal Cashout

    We can now cash out from PayPal through this option.

    1. Tony M

      Nope, the title is a bit clickbaity. You can now receive Xoom remittances through Ecocash. Like how you can receive Moneygram or Western Union through Ecocash

    2. Elias Mabasa

      Hie i need assistance, I am trying to receive cash from UK through Paypal, its saying “The country you are trying to send monye to cant receive this payment”

  4. David Mafigu


  5. Tmars

    Without online payments service, we’re still doomed… Why are they not adding the service too… We’re missing a lot of online investments in this nation

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      The BTC crew… 😂

  6. Beylirim

    Hello Writter,

    A nice effort to facilitate users. Here’s my question that I run a party bus rentals business and how can I integrate PayPal account on my site and connect it with EcoCash USD wallet. I’m stuck at this, here is my site link: https://www.arlingtontxpartybus.Com. Let’s suppose, we’ve integrate and connected it then what’s the withdrawal limit? Can we withdraw payment and is it possible that a user who pays me can hold the transaction? Please answer it.


  7. Tapiwa

    This is 3 months since the article was published. Has anyone sucessfully received Xoom remittances into their Ecocash wallet? Does it actually work? Has anyone tried it out?

  8. Ndlizzy

    Crypto is wayyy cheaper