Starlink is hitting Mozambique & Nigeria this year. How long till we get a crack at it in Zimbabwe?

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Elon Musk’s internet service provider (ISP) Starlink was approved in Mozambique and Nigeria recently according to a tweet from the man himself.

Starlink Nigeria Mozambique

According to a report by Techcrunch, Starlink’s arrival in Nigeria was said to have been in the works since 2021. The ISP got a 10-year licence that kicks off this year.

For Zimbabwe, we were told that the local regulator is yet to receive an application from Starlink, but it won’t be an issue because it’s basically “private school” VSAT.

As for our own local VSAT service providers, Starlink might be a smidge cheaper than most for installation if we are taking into account for how much ISPs charge to get to your house to put up the gear. Utande, for example, charges US$100 for the installation plus US$40.00 for the router, a VSAT annual fee which goes for US$37, the cost of the whole kit is US$350.00 as well as the cost to get to your place which is priced per 0.5 km/h (exact amount not stated).

(US$527 without the cost of travel for the technicians)

This is if you are paying for the equipment outright, they do have a rental option which forgoes the equipment cost. Starlink, on the other hand, is a US$599.00 once off payment for the kit which you can set up on your own.

When it comes to performance for the cost, Starlink wins because they say you can get more than 100+Mbps which is lightning compared to the 5 – 20 Mbps on the local market. According to Ookla, in Q4, 2021 Starlink was able to deliver those speeds in 15 countries. That speed sets you back US$110.00 per month which some might say is expensive but I think if you are in the middle of nowhere, you need fast internet and you can afford it, why not?

However, whether Starlink will be able to maintain those speeds is something else entirely. Reddit user u/ClintonioQuattro posted a timeline of network speeds they experienced last year.

Starlink RedditStarlink Reddit

The reason for this might be the connection being handed off from one satellite to another but the speeds are still pretty quick for our local standards. On a good day, I can get 10Mbps on fibre so what I am seeing here is far better than that.

Will I get Starlink when it becomes available in Zim?

Three months ago I would have told you hell no. But now, Most Definitely! And it is because of the announcement of the portability feature that the service now has. This means if I am going to see anyone in a remote area I will be able to bring the dish along with me and we can all enjoy some internet. I won’t be tied to my ethernet cable nor will I need to climb termite mounds or trees looking for bars.

The price for the on the go feature is US$25.00 and that is fine by me if it means I’ll be able to access internet services no matter where I am. But I am personally going to wait until it’s approved because I am not pre-ordering anything that might take time to get the local green light.



What’s your take?

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  1. J

    Green light or not im getting myself one with on the Go feature as well. To hell with slow network speeds.

  2. Leland Gaunt

    I’m so getting one for myself. Our local ISPs are just not up to standard. Poor speeds in this day and age cannot suffice

  3. Isaac

    All I can do is dream of one 😌

  4. Anonymous

    10 mb/s 😭 majority of us get 1-2 mb/s on a good day

  5. Richard

    Starlink is the way to go.. Such high speeds will save us time and get us more money in return.. Besides the owner is aggressive on innovation so the possibility of it being improved on other features is pretty much high, I don’t see why I shouldn’t go for Starlink really, I dont

  6. rAfLe

    I’m hitting that pre-order button, this will save us money n time. Plus we tired of these poor networks and speeds

  7. Nyasha Mupaso

    We love u guys. Include everything for layman. Is starlink unlimited so if I put starlink in Harare what is the limit since it’s satlite why approvals

  8. Nyasha Mupaso

    Elon musk is a visionary. Actually starlink is the cheapest if it’s unlimited if people share equipment cost

  9. Bad news for ISPs

    Imagine a group of households sharing costs. This is bad news for ISPs. Out there in remote areas, i wonder who NGOs are going to use as their Service Provider on Projects they will be working on.

  10. Papa Musk

    I’ll never be able to afford one, but i need it to get here ASAP so that these now legacy ISPs get a good shakeup! On a total killjoy tangent, interesting markets they have chosen. Both have vast territories and incredible economic growth potential, but there is another common denominator that is violently allergic to certain people having heads. Given the immense tactical value starlink has demonstrated in Ukraine, i wonder how they plan to manage the potential risk of misappropriation of their service. I’d hate to see them stonewalled by paranoid regimes.

  11. Myself

    I am connected to Telone vsat and the its cheaper on rental which is $25/month and the total fee for the kit is cheap depending on the size of the dish .the speeds are pretty perfect .so those wiith iinternet problems try telone

    1. Snaps

      Where can I get the Starlink VSAT

  12. Denah

    Just FYI. Starlink was portable from the beginning. I remember an unboxing vid from last year where it would automatically realign itself to find new satellites and the person tried multiple spots so they would get the best reception.

    Looks very tempting to pack some solar panels and move to a farm in Moza. I’ll wait for Rwanda or Zambia hangu ini because Zim will be last as usual.

    Those saying they are fine with local ISPs are not the target market. I’m not a Musk fanboy, I just see a tool I need to improve my livelihood.

  13. tjaymac

    It’s me just thinking. Isn’t it possible to OVHD the starlink equipment since Mozambique is just nextdoor. Is it going to work in Zimbabwe whilst making subs in Mozambique