Liquid Home customer support will be understaffed tomorrow

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ZOL Liquid Home, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, customer support

Liquid Home has, in an SMS, notified customers that they will be operating with fewer customer support staff over tomorrow.

The message from Liquid Home reads as follows:

Dear Customer
On 16/6/22 our Contact Centre will operate with skeletal staff & resume normal operations on 17/6/22. For self-help visit:

Liquid Home vis SMS

This message comes in the wake of reports this week that customers are waiting for longer periods than they would normally do when contacting Liquid Home’s customer support staff. What the issue is exactly, we cannot be sure, and Liquid Home did not give more information in the text it sent out to clients.

The link provided in the message redirects to the Liquid Home Knowledge Base which doesn’t really answer the questions as to why they will be operating with fewer customer support personnel.


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