Beware the scam, you won’t get a UK VISA by sharing an ad on WhatsApp

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Listen, I get it if you are thinking about jumping ship. There’s nothing about rampant inflation, power cuts, unemployment and political turmoil that screams, ‘stay in Zimbabwe.’ Every single day something makes you ask yourself, ‘what am I still doing in this BLEEPING country?’

It takes a certain kind of person to stay in Zimbabwe, especially when they have the option to leave. Resilience, doggedness and ability to take severe punishment are essential character traits to make it here. 

You have all that but are just tired? I get it. Very few of us actually think the coming gold coins and higher interest rates will fix what ails this country. We secretly hope they do but know that they probably won’t. 

So, again, I get why you want to jump ship. I only hope you go about doing that the smart and right way. Don’t put your life at risk while trying to flee the gold nation. 

You are not considering swimming through crocodile infested waters? Good but you’re still not out of the woods. See, scammers know that a lot of young people in third world countries are frustrated and are looking for greener pastures abroad. 

Desperate people + committed conmen make for fertile waters for scams to thrive.

Young people 

Contrary to popular belief, young people fall victim to online scams just as much as their parents and grandparents. The kinds of scams that work on young people are different from the ones that work on older generations though.

Young people ridicule older generations for falling for the Nigerian prince scam whilst they fall for other get rich quick schemes themselves. We found out that Zimbabweans lost upwards of US$30 million to Ponzi schemes, investment fraud and other scams in 2021. 

The actual figure is likely much higher than that because most scams go unreported. Young people are especially unlikely to report being duped. That makes the actual reported figures that much more scary.

The employment scam

You will find stats that say the youth unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is around 8.13% whilst it is around 60% in South Africa. It’s hard to believe the Zimbabwean figure there. The unemployed graduate is an all too common phenomenon in this country and these graduates are getting impatient.

In come the scammers with the promise of employment in a first world country. Turns out the scammers are killing it with this tactic the world over. 

In the US, young adults are falling for employment scams more than ever before. One scam only seeks to get dates of birth and social security numbers and then uses them to commit identity theft. 

The other common scam asks respondents to pay a few hundred dollars for supplies or training for jobs that don’t exist. 

UK government job recruitment 2022

For frustrated young Zimbabweans, the chance to work in the UK is hard to pass on. That’s why there are scams being perpetrated via social media that promise jobs in the UK that are deceiving people.

Here goes one that’s making the rounds right now:


This is open to all Individuals who wants to work in UK, Here is a great chance for you all to work conveniently in the UK.

UK needs over 132,000 workers in 2022

Over 186,000 Jobs are Open for applying


-Travel expense.



-Medical Facilities.


-Applicant must be 16years or above.

-Can speak basic English.


-Instant Work Permit

-Visa application assistance

-All nationalities can apply

-100% Open to all Individuals and Students who wants to work and Study


——————— (link here)

Verification code u111dg

It’s obviously a scam

I got this from a young person who wanted me to help him sign up. You would think everyone, let alone 20 year olds that were raised on the internet, would be able to tell at a glance that the above is a scam but desperation compromises judgement. 

I told my young friend not to bother with this scam but proceeded to check it out for myself. Here’s what I found.

On the home page I was asked to fill out an application form. I gave out a fake name, phone number, address and a burner email address, clicked submit and what do you know, SUCCESS! I was approved to work in the UK. 

After checking your applications, You have been approved to work in the United Kingdom 2022.

Your UK VISA FORM will be available immediately after you click the “Invite Friends/Group” button below to share this information with 15 friends or 5 groups on WhatsApp so That They Can Also be Aware of the PROGRAM.

Note: If you don’t complete this step correctly, The VISA FORM page will not load.

I wish emigrating was that easy. Imagine if all it took was sharing an ad with 15 friends or 5 groups on WhatsApp like these guys would have you believe. This is clearly nonsense and doesn’t deserve any further attention. However, spread the word around because apparently not everyone can see through the scam.

Let’s also remember that this example was a bit of a mess. There are some other scams that look a little more professional. Like they say, there is a scam out there that can fool every one of us. Help protect others by exposing this one.

I’ll leave you with this – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That modern proverb is brilliant. 

The extent of my advice on how to proceed if you want to work in the UK would be to have you visit official UK websites. You can start with checking if you will need a VISA here. Then try to find a job here

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  1. Isaac

    Thanks! People should note that whenever you’re asked to share something first (on WhatsApp) before you get your reward, it’s a big fat scam.

  2. Geralt of Rivea

    The typos and poor grammar give it away.

  3. Geralt of Rivea

    I didn’t get the scamming part. At what point do you part with your money? Looks like just another spamming attack.

    1. Among Us

      ‘Visa application assistance’ that’s probably where the main scam hook is, with so many ‘fees’ being asked for. At the very least, its an efficient, self propagating phishing scam

  4. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Folks are hard headed, after telling them something is a scam, they’ll proceed to open the link or later share it with other people in the same circles you. 🤷🏾‍♂️