Here’s your chance to win US$100 playing the Zimbabwean made casual game – Super Java

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Several reports show that about 40% of the entire global population plays video games. The proportion is 25% for the Middle East and Africa. A quarter of 1.6 billion people is nothing to scoff at, 388 million players roam these regions.

Another misconception is that these players are young males who spend 18 hours a day on their Playstations and PCs playing Call of Duty. Nope. Nearly half of all gamers in the world are women and there are way more mobile gamers than there are console gamers. 

So, while most people would not consider themselves gamers, they casually play games every now and then. 

I know you all play and so here’s an opportunity to get paid doing that which you already do. Who knows, after tasting the life of professional gamers you could be building your gaming PC in the future.

Super Java – Running Game

Super Java is a jump ‘n’ run (platform) game, you know, kind of like Super Mario. The Super Java name no doubt inspired by the most popular platform game about the Italian plumber, Mario. 

Instead of Mario, in this one you play as Java, and yes, it appears it is Passion Java. So, if Super Mario is about an mustachioed Italian plumber trying to save his princess, Super Java is about a gold earringed Zimbabwean prophet trying to get the cash.

For Mario, the collection of gold coins is a secondary goal whilst it is the primary one for Java. I can’t help but think there’s some commentary here. I don’t know much about the real life Passion Java but I know he’s all about the gold.

Fittingly, in Super Java there is no end point in levels, instead you complete a level the moment you collect a set number of gold coins. 

The gameplay

There are no buttons in this game. Instead all interaction is through taps on the screen. You tap to jump and a tap whilst you are in the air will take Java straight down.

Being a platformer, you run from the left of the screen to the right. Java automatically runs and the player’s job is to guide him around different obstacles. 

There is uneven terrain and you tap the screen to get Java to jump across chasms or on to suspended platforms. You can make a small jump by lightly tapping the screen and can leap over larger obstacles by a longer tap.

There are some enemies you have to contend with too. This being the prophet Java I guess we could think of the unusual animals as demons, goblins or other such creatures. You can evade these enemies by jumping over or going under them when they are on a suspended platform. 

Got some edge? You can also go on the offensive and trample on the creatures. You can time your jumps so you land on the creatures, vanquishing them. Or you could tap the screen whilst you are in the air and Java will shoot straight down. 

I struggled to play at first

The controls in Super Java were not intuitive for someone who plays the games that I play. I kept forgetting that a tap whilst airborne does not result in a double jump like I’m used to. 

So, when I encountered two creatures in a row I ended up falling right in front of the second creature if I tried jumping over both of them. 

Same thing when I trampled on the first one, I would assume I had hit the ground and tap to jump again but that would take me down , right in front of the second one. I had to learn to let Java spring from the first creature to the second himself. 

Once I got used to the controls, the experience was better for me. It’s a colourful light game and you can lose track of the time as you try to beat the levels. 

There is one bug where Java just stops out of nowhere as if there’s an obstacle blocking his path. A simple tap will get him on his way. Other than that, I didn’t notice anything else amiss.

The Java sounds

In keeping with the Passion Java theme, when you trample on a creature you cry out ‘Twabamu.’ I’m pretty sure that’s Passion Java’s catchphrase. 

When you mistime your jumps and die, someone cries out ‘Kuti Ngii’. I don’t know what that means but I presume it can be associated with real life Java.

For the background music in levels you are treated to instrumental covers of popular Zimbabwean songs. In level one it’s a Jah Prayzah song and in the second level it is a Winky D song. I won’t spoil the rest.

The US$100 prize

The developers are offering that cash prize for the first player to reach level 10. It’s as simple as that. 

All you do is download the game from the Google Play Store here and try to reach level 10 before anyone else and you will be US$100 richer. Sorry iPhone users, this is Zimbabwe and the good stuff comes to Android first, but it’s not like you mbingas need the measly benjamin.

The game is a little chunky at 33MB though so be aware. And also note that you need to be running at least Android 5.0. 

So, what are you still doing here, get to playing and make a quick buck as you support local developers Sonti Solutions. Win-win in my book. 

There are already over a thousand installs so make haste. 

When you reach level 10, take a screenshot of the level and send it to or 0714573371 (WhatsApp).



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