TelOne customers, a stuck digger is the reason why you don’t have internet

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TelOne fibre internet

State-owned telecommunications company TelOne has announced to its customers in some suburbs in Harare that if they were experiencing an internet outage it is because of a construction accident that damaged a fibre cable.

TelOne’s statement on the internet outage caused by the fibre break reads as follows:

TelOne sincerely apologises for service disruption in the Tynwald North and South, Maranatha, Bloomingdale, Madokero, Westlea, Dawnview and Nkwisi Gardens areas.

An excavator damaged our main fibre line as it was offloaded at a school in the area and unfortunately got stuck in the mud.

The same excavator also damaged water pipes which has made the process of service restoration all the more difficult.

We are working together with the construction company responsible for the excavator to have it removed so that internet connectivity can be restored. The inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

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TelOne internet fibre

The situation for TelOne, as said in its press release, has been complicated by the damage to the water line which will need the local authority to attend to before the company can begin to work on the fibre line.

It’s a case of déjà vu because just last month ZOL or now known as Liquid home suffered a fibre cable break between Zimbabwe and South Africa. The team at Liquid were able to get the situation restored, however looking at the comments under TelOne’s post this morning, it looks like this was something that the internet service provider hadn’t clearly communicated early…

It also should be mentioned that this isn’t TelOne’s fault, it’s an unfortunate event that has a number of moving parts the telecoms company has to navigate to restore service.

Hopefully, the local authority can get things moving quickly so TelOne can attend to the fibre cable.

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  1. JustOneTino

    I mean it’s always the reason, it’s either its a farmer who dug through the cables, a farmer in Limpopo who struck the cables with a hoe. It’s never Telone’s own fault. They always shift the blame on someone even though it’s their fault their cables are dug shallow. But eh, it’s Zimbabwe. But this time I think it’s that excavator’s fault

    1. Home schooled.

      Kkkkkkkk same with the leadership of this country its
      Always blaming the west, sanctions or now the Ukraine -Russia war.

  2. TnashMkz

    From my perspective this raises the question. Why aren’t these cables buried deeper underground to avoid service disruptions such as this?

    1. Taku

      the deeper an operator has to dig the more costly it is

  3. Imwe Mbeu

    And why does this never affect LiquidHome aka ZOL?

    1. JustOneTino

      Did you even read the article?