Utande will soon be billing LTE packages in USD

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Dandemutande subsidiary Utande Internet Services has announced through an email to customers that it will be billing its LTE packages in USD from the first of April 2022.

The statement from Utande/Dandemutande’s CEO Never Ncube to customers reads as follows:

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope this letter finds you well. We consider your choosing Utande as your LTE services provider an honour, and thank you for your continued support.

However, the current operating environment continues to be in a state of constant flux. Among the major effects of doing business under such conditions is undoubtedly the rising cost in procuring equipment and service delivery, particularly for those with embedded USD components. We have always endeavoured to cushion our customers from the price shocks we face by absorbing what we can of these cost increases.

Despite our best attempts to mitigate these challenges, we write to advise that effective 1 April 2022, all LTE services will be billed in USD instead of ZWL This will ensure that we continue providing the quality service and support which have now become the hallmarks of our brand.

Should you have any queries or require further clarification, kindly email accounts@utande.co.zw

Yours Sincerely

Never Ncube

Chief Executive Officer

Utande email to customers

So what does this mean?

We reached out to Utande/Dandemutande for a comment on how this will affect customers and this is what they had to say

Utande Internet Services adjusts LTE Billing to USD

We write to advise that effective 1 April 2022, all our LTE services will now be billed in USD. Utande LTE services are advertised in USD therefore this change is also for alignment purposes. However, this does not mean that ZWL payments will not be allowed for those who wish to pay in this currency.


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  1. Anonymous

    2 Tier Pricing, The RTGS and Us Dollars is great like other service providers

  2. Lennon

    I doubt there was ever a more loyal Utande customer than me. Guess that loyalty has need shaken to the core. Starlink ngaichiuya hayo, Zim ISPs ndamatadza

  3. Sam Mike

    The only legal way I think of is account is based on USD and if one wants to in ZWL you pay at prevailing bank rate at that moment. Isn’t that what multichoice does? That’s City of Harare should consider

  4. Hugh Jarse

    This was inevitable and other ISP’s will follow suit. The ZWD / ZWE or whatever you want to call those bits of paper, are going to be worthless well before the year is out, no matter how many zeros are added and subtracted along the way. It’s the only way ANY firm will be able to remain viable.