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E-learning was one of the major talking points of 2020 what with every sector adjusting to the pandemic. The immediate need to have online and or remote platforms (like TV and radio) was pressing and this was echoed from the highest offices in the land to startups to find solutions. We saw quite a bit of innovation in that space from established players Udemy and the emergence of new players like Learning Factory, JUA Kickstarter finalists Bryt Knowledge, Smooth Lectures, Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini and many others. Just when I thought the e-learning platform movement might be dying down, another startup threw its hat in the ring and it goes by the name Kytte.

Who/What is Kytte and what are they offering?

The startup says it “helps you learn in an effective and engaging way. A learning experience that is centred around your unique needs makes it easier for you to excel in school.” But what does this mean exactly?

Well, the folks at Kytte have designed their courses to work along four principles:

  • Small digestible lessons – the startup says that it has tailored its lessons to focus on a single syllabus objective. This is something they hope will help students effortlessly understand concepts.
  • Curation – following a strict guideline, Kytte’s learning content wants to deliver on understandability and conciseness to make it easier to grasp concepts regardless of complexity.
  • Progressive evalution – At the end of every lesson, the platform assess your mastery of the concepts you just read about. Kytte says this approach sets students ahead in terms of exam preparedness, and aids in personalising your learner’s journey.
  • Immediate feedback – Kytte is capable of marking answers to multiple choice questions, fill-in questions and structured questions. Whenever you take a test, the app instantly marks your answers and gives you feedback.

We are off to a good start then, because these are among the key areas that students and parents are looking for from an e-learning platform. However, it doesn’t stop there, Kytte also offers an offline mode which means that you can access your learning material from your device without needing to connect to the internet.

The learning experience on Kytte is fully available offline. You are welcome.

Kytte, under its Frequently Asked Questioned Tab

As far as courses go, the platform offers 6 subjects, Biology, Heritage Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Combined Science and Commerce. These syllabuses are for ZIMSEC O Level students. However, Kytte says that it is working on courses for ZJC and primary school learners.

How much does all of this cost?

Kytte is a subscription-based platform with prices starting at ZWL$299.00 per subject or if you want everything it offers, the payment is ZWL$1,299.00 per month. If you want to check out Kytte you can do so on their website and the platform is also available on the Google Play Store (link here).

Are there too many e-learning platforms in Zimbabwe?

This is something that I have thought about but the answer at the end of my internal battle was no. This is because we need as much competition in the space as possible to spurn on innovation. If there are only a handful of sites and apps we will be locked into a few ways that students can learn. The more platforms the better for Zimbabwean students because they can evaluate which platforms work best for their use case which forces other players to up the ante as well as pushing those who have captured a segment of the market to elevate their standards to remain relevant.

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