It’s not you, BancABC is experiencing yet another ‘systems challenge’

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No, you’re not reading the notice from 10 days ago and this isn’t déjà vu. Indeed, BancABC has announced that it is facing another systems challenge. The notice posted on their twitter account reads as follows:



To our Valued Customers,

Please note that we have been experiencing intermittent service across our channels. Whilst most transactions remain unaffected, some customers may experience timeouts and failures on some platforms when transacting. The challenge is receiving our highest attention and we expect full restoration of services as soon as possible.

The inconvenience caused by this instability is sincerely regretted.

For more information, kindly contact us via: Phone: Whatsapp: 086770108439 or 08677008666

BancABC on Twitter

Worrying frequency of BancABC systems challenges

It is never a good thing for a bank to experience systems challenges that impede customers’ ability to transact. I should know, I once missed a fees deadline because of that. It’s worse for the bank and its customers when the challenges happen more frequently. In BancABC’s case, a systems challenge only 10 days after another one is not a good look. Regardless of how few are affected because those are individuals who might have pressing business.

Late last year, BancABC had that whole VISA card services fiasco for which the CEO had to apologise. I can’t imagine he is too pleased with what’s becoming more frequent service disruptions for which he might have to apologise.

We should however note that some banks just don’t communicate that there’s something wrong. So those that do report this may appear to be facing more challenges than others. So, although the systems challenges themselves are bad, we cannot fault BancABC for telling it like it is.

Early this year, BancABC was down for an entire weekend for scheduled system maintenance. Could that maintenance be to blame for these frequent systems challenges? Could be. After all we saw Steward Bank’s service suffer for a long time after some systems upgrades.

I hope it doesn’t get to that, for BancABC’s customers’ sake.



What’s your take?

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  1. sorry for that !

    you are correct, it is not me ! I use another bank !

  2. you are correct

    correct, it is not me ! I don’t bank with them !

  3. Tafadzwa Chando

    Well, they should stop lying to clients and tell them the truth. I was told by their customer service agent that the system is now back up, only to visit the bank for the 5th day to be told that the system is still down and i can not transact or withdraw any money! The whole banking system at Bancabc is not working at all and there is no communication whatsoever to clients.

  4. Chasura

    Was it not the same Lance Mambondiani who was at Steward Bank when there was chaos there?

    1. Anonymous

      🤣🤣🤣 Come on give the man a Break

    2. Anonymous

      I stated this when he joined the bank years ago.

  5. Milos

    Very disorganised bank and what poor service one gets. Whole week trying to activate a non working newly issued Visa card.

    1. Abby

      The visa is not working at all I deposited on 11 March the money hasnt reflected yet.

  6. Farakan

    It seems this is a Lance Mambondiani thing. At Steward he was there and systems where always down. I think his drive to be cutting edge is making him run too many experiments which break things a lot

  7. oh gosh

    oh dear me, he seems like a pusss, please keep him away the smell yy puussy boy

  8. Me

    🙌 Need another plan because this is bullsh*t.

  9. Anonymous

    You are making more damaging to your bank…..we know that you are using our money for other things and you leave us with know option except to go to other reliable banks

    1. Anonymous

      Every monthend l always move my money to my other account so l can transact.once the loan l have is done m gone

  10. Anonymous

    I now hate you BANC ABC I can’t use my money yet irimo my account the moment you will be left with no client ndopamuchaita order

  11. Tinashe

    Very dissapointed,swiped some money and a deduction was made only for the pos to return an insufficient funds report.Went to your heritage branch for a recourse and got a response that you can’t get help cos the system is down .Pathetic and unacceptable.

  12. Bunchfm

    I have been a client since they started and I am sorry to say I have had it. For the past 3 months getting my salary credited has been a nightmare. Last weekend I swiped for my grocery and the system declined to honor the transaction only to deduct the payment two hours later. Today exactly a week and numerous phone calls later the transaction has not been reversed. I am dreading the next week becausey salary will not be credited on time yet again. I doubt this is the service corporate accounts or those with significant balances get. I have now opened an account with another bank so its good bye to bank ABC and stree

  13. Roy Gono

    @Techzim Hope they didn’t pay you to mislead the public. @BancabcZW has been down for more than a week now. All services are down, nothing is working. One branch is closed and they didn’t want to make it public. @DrMambondiani via @techzim

  14. Douglas

    Every month I try to access my salary I encounter a problem and it always affects my planning.