If your car hasn’t fully cleared customs, ZIMRA is giving you till 31/01/22

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has, in a circular, announced that it is giving members of the public who have cars that haven’t properly cleared customs till the end of the month to do so.

ZIMRA’s statement on car customs clearance reads as follows:

Following the encouraging and positive responses to Public Notice No. 105 of 2021, which was
published in the Sunday newspapers of 24 October 2021, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is
hereby extending the invitation to the public to regularize the clearance of any vehicles in their
possession, which were not properly cleared through customs.

Any member of the public in possession of such a vehicle or vehicles is required to approach the
nearest ZIMRA Regional Office to regularize the clearances. The specified vehicles include vehicles
that were fraudulently registered, smuggled into Zimbabwe, undervalued at the time of their
importation or brought in under temporary importation privileges or subject any other offence
relating to the importation of goods and vehicles under the customs legislation.

The timeframe to contact the ZIMRA offices has been extended to Monday 31 January 2022,
Payment plans not exceeding three months will be accepted, with penalties being waived. What
will remain due and payable are the full duties, or additional duties due, and interest.
Please note that ZIMRA will not detain or seize any vehicle that has been brought to its
attention voluntarily under the dispensation communicated by this Public Notice. The
payments due (which must be paid up within three months), will be settled while the
vehicle remains on the premises of the owner under a notice of embargo.

Please note that to conform to the social distancing and other COVID19 mitigation measures as
directed by Government, appointments must be made with the offices in the table below first by
by telephone or email to enable the offices to make the necessary arrangements for calculation
of the duties due and issuance of the notices of embargo. The contact details for the different
Customs & Excise Regions, which are open for business during the week from 8am to 5pm, are
as follows:

Greater Harare (covers Harare and surrounding areas)Enforcement Office Kurima House – 7th Floor G. Silundika Ave/Between Third and S. V. Muzenda St.
Email address – greaterhararecustomsregion@zimra.co.zw
(0242) 798880 – 6 Extension 141077 218 7446
Region 2 (Bulawayo and surrounding areas)Enforcement Office 5th Floor, Block D Mhlahlandlela Government Complex, Cnr. 10th Ave/ Basch Street Bulawayo(0292) 2613430772 177 339
Region 3 (Masvingo, Gweru areas)Masvingo Enforcement Office Zimre Centre – 7th Floor Cnr Hughes Street/Simon Mazorodze
Mezzanine Floor Megawatt Complex Bulawayo Road
039-2264597 Ext 245

078 270 3423

077 212 6837
Forbes (Mutare and surrounding areas)Forbes and Environs Region Enforcement Forbes Border Post02020-612540772 286 341
BeitbridgeBeitbridge Enforcement The New Freight Terminal Beitbridge Border Post(085) 23237670772 295 943

2022 ZIMRA PAYE USD and ZWL$ Tax Tables

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