Fastjet flight forced to return to Hre after Byo airport had no ZESA?

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Fastjet, Flight return, Harare, Bulawayo, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport

This is the most “Zimbabwe” thing I have heard in some time, according to a report by New Zimbabwe, Fastjet Flight FN 8441 was unable to land at Joshua Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo due to the facility not having ZESA. Apparently, there was no backup generator for the aircraft to make a safe landing at the Airport and subsequently had to turn back to Harare.

While digging on the interwebs I found that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. According to a report by ZimLive in December 2021, two aircraft were unable to land at Joshua Nkomo International Airport because airport guidance systems failed.

I can confirm that we had a situation of planes failing to land. The navigation equipment that aids aeroplanes to land developed faults due to thunderstorms. The equipment was fixed on Monday and flights are back on schedule

Passmore Dewa, Joshua Nkomo International Airport Manager via ZimLive

The two aircraft that were most affected by this incident were Fastjet (again) and Air Zimbabwe. It looks like there is some serious work to be done at Joshua Nkomo International Airport because events like these are downright embarrassing for the nation.

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  1. Tkayz

    This is the likes of our country bro its so embarrassing but we can’t do anything i heard there are upgrades being done on Harare International Airport major ones whilst some of the sister Airports are like this a decent backup generator for the essential navigation doesn’t need much money as compared to what they are loosing on a daily basis due to power cuts in the long run

  2. Well That Sucks

    …I have no words

  3. The Empress

    Sometimes I wonder about the calibier of the people chosen to be heads of government parastatals. How can any important facility like an airport fail to have a backup generator to provide power? Let’s say for the sake argument that the airport is on list of facilities that never get affected by loadshedding, this is Zimbabwe theft of copper wire is on the rise, not mention the current disrepair of the joke that we call our electricity distribution system having some form of backup power system is now an absolute must. This nonsense relying on hope and prayers just to get by should really stop. Some spokesperson from the airport will trot out the tired and nonsensical excuse of sanctions to avoid the blame for this debacle. But have you ever noticed that those same sanctions somehow never seem affect their ability to buy high end cars for themselves?

    1. CCC

      You got a point. Sanctions only affect their ability to do their jobs but not their splendorous lifestyle

  4. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Are we saying there are no manual interventions for landing planes without electricity? What if the plane has insufficient fuel? What if Harare also doesn’t have power?

    I’m certain if VIP comrades were onboard the plane, these facilitations would have been done.

    The powers that be seem to be waiting for a fatal incident to jolt them into action.

  5. Ishmael Ncube

    This is not right for our country. Outright national embarrassment.

  6. Ishmael Ncube

    That’s fine

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised 🤣🤣🤣I mean 50GB data costs 12000 bucks

  8. Anonymous


  9. Well That Sucks

    All standard contingencies considered, is it normal for flights between Hre and Byo (and maybe internationals coming into either) to load in enough fuel to go back to harare or bulawayo? I can’t imagine airlines enjoy having to burn extra fuel to carry the extra fuel they need to do an unplanned U-turn!

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    1. Sg

      Ndapinde hake mkomana

      1. Youth

        Haiwa ngaapinde taneta nevanhu vasingazive zvavanenge vachiita