Applications for US$10,000 content creators startup week are now open

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The Content Creators Network ZW (Content ZW) wishes to announce its inaugural Content Creators Startup Week set to run from 8th – 12th November at Moto Republik in Harare.

During the week, there will be a number of exciting activities which include pitch competitions, networking events and media-related training. Media innovators with start-up ideas will have an opportunity to participate in a pitch contest that seeks to support innovative new media houses which are promoting social justice and shining a light on youth issues in Zimbabwe.

5 successful applicants will get to share the US$10,000 seed funding, getting US$ 2,000 each per organisation. They will be assigned mentors to guide them as they strengthen their idea. Winning applicants will be judged on innovation and the sustainability of their project.

The deadline for the application has been extended to October 31st and applicants are encouraged to apply with their pitch deck with the link below:

Content ZW Startup Week Pitch Application Form

“We are so excited to be able to host our first-ever Content Creators Startup Week and we can’t wait for the inspiring young innovators to pitch their ideas!”

“We aim for this to become a major annual event which supports the
growth of powerful new media startups that disrupt the status quo.”

Content ZW Convenor, Samm Farai Monro AKA Comrade Fatso

During the week there will be a Masterclass for content creators. Upcoming media start-ups will also be invited to a Media and Monetisation Exchange which seeks to bring them into the same room as successful media organisations and exchange notes on how best they can scale their initiatives in a sustainable way.

Content Creators Network ZW is a nationwide alliance of some of the country’s leading digital media organisations and community media initiatives including Magamba Network, Bustop TV, Centre for Innovation & Technology (CITE), Kubatana, ZimFact, TellZim and The News Hawks.

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  1. Captain Jack Sparrow

    😁😁😁 Why not first advice the youth to seek legal aid before pitching theis ideas ….. These guys are very cruel stealing people ideas the only incentive is that you get 2000 which doesnt even last a day in a bar 🤪🤪🤪 Pitiful very sad indeed how these corporates are ripping the youths of their innovations ……

    1. Laywoman

      Thank you very much Sparrow. That was the first thing that came to my mind. Continue to open people’s minds and eyes. I salute you Captain Jack Sparrow.

    2. Nayyie Wit’ A Double Y’

      Lad… Thanks, you’ve really opened up my mind.
      Never thought of it that way

    3. Nayyie Wit’ A Double Y’

      That 10K is nothing in comparison to what they gon’ get in return,
      Hakuna rudo rwakadaro…

    4. Ashley Musihiwa

      Ideas are hard to steal…
      Ideas exist in two classes.
      1.Downstream sub-optimisations
      These are easy to steal and are like food dressing, less impactful in a complex system
      High impact, zero to minimal precedent, game changer ideas.Not “plagiarizable” , highly impactful and a proper fit which addresses the emergent problems from interactions within complex systems

      If yours can be stolen ,then think again, this time ,upstream whilst keeping critical implementation details scattered and hashed.

      1. Guy Goma

        the idea that made Zuckerberg a centibillionaire was stolen…you will die thinking for that “deep” and unreplicable idea of yours

  2. Obey Mthunzie


  3. Obey Mthunzie