Local startup creates a platform that allows anyone to start a domain registry & web hosting business

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More and more businesses are making their services available beyond physical stores and social media to the wider internet because of the pandemic. No one wants to be left behind and more importantly, businesses don’t want their domain to be taken by someone else. Buying a domain (and web hosting) is relatively easy in Zimbabwe if you know where to go. But there is a startup called Resellme that is looking to bring that convenience to more people, particularly those looking to start their own domain registry and hosting business.

So, what the company essentially does is the same as firms like WebDev and many others. You can buy a domain, web hosting etc. However, on Resellme, you can do more than buy a domain but you can become, as the company’s name suggests, a reseller of those services to customers.

Resellme will in this respect act as a middleman with the relevant authorities and providers. So if you are, for example, a digital marketing company, you can open a Resellme profile and not only offer consultancy but integrate web services into your catalogue. This works much the same if you are a freelance web developer.

Cost and features

Resellme says that the cost of a single domain is US$2.50 a year and web hosting is US$1.50 a month. The domains on offer range from “.co.zw” all the way to “.com” and Resellme offers two web hosting packages. The first is for hosting a single site and the other is for those that might want to host multiple.

The company will deal with the actual registration and processes, so you can go about your business.

And as far as plugins go…

“Plugins and SDKs are available to make automated submissions directly from your clients to our system, and we send you reports and the transactions happen. This allows you to set the system up and get a constant flow of passive income with you being handed on.”


Where the money is to be made by anyone who wishes to start on Resellme is in service charges above what you are paying to the platform. Service fees seem to be the “necessary evil” of doing business these days.

Anyway, you can check out Resellme for yourself with the link here

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  1. Tendaishe Mazambani

    Do they offer packages for web development as well?

    1. Privilege Nyauta

      Hi Tendaishe Mazambani,

      Thanks for your interest in Web Development. Resellme is only focused on providing an easy-to-use platform to Domain and Hosting resellers.

      However, I can definitely link you up with specialists who can Develop a Website for you. Reach me on WhatsApp / Call here: +263 778 329 242

  2. Anonymous


    1. Privilege Nyauta

      Thanks !!!

  3. rosedzavo@gmail.com

    Is it possible

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, it is. Kindly checkout the platform 🙂

  4. Isaac Machakata

    Appreciated 🙏🏽