Gadgets & devices we have bought thus far in 2021

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This is a little belated because we are well past the halfway point of the year but the Technikari crew (Edwin, Rufaro and Valentine) went over their device and gadget acquisitions for 2021 thus far. You will also get a preview of the devices that Edwin will be reviewing soon and what he has made of them in the early phases of testing.

You can download or play this episode of Technikari with the link below. Alternatively, you can send the word “Podcast” on WhatsApp to 0717 684 274 for a copy.

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  1. Retail Therapy

    Limbikani… Now that’s a name i haven’t heard in a long time😂

    Interesting purchases you guys made. When you guys talked about cycling out your tech, what channels do you use to sell? A piece on selling on devices locally might be a nice article.

  2. Anonymous

    Saka makatozoramba kubvisa chi banner ichi chikutivharira. Spread what word? ?? REMOVE IT!!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Hahaha shuwa shuwa vakundi disappointer ini

  3. SPARTAH ndini

    Ngatiite serious nhayika @techzim