You can now pay for TelOne services in supermarkets

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You can now pay your TelOne bills or buy bundles in your supermarkets. That is in case you somehow cannot do it using your mobile banking, via their online portal, via Techzim Market‘s *405# USSD (Telecel, Econet and NetOne) as well as use TelOne’s chatbot, Chommie.

A promo poster of the new arrangement

More is always better right?

In case you somehow haven’t noticed, the COVID-19 third wave is out in full force. The number of daily cases has accelerated to rates never seen before. You wouldn’t know from the way people keep ignoring social distancing rules, refusing to wear masks and rail against vaccines. Which is always refreshing when we get more options to pay.

At first glance, this might seem unneeded, as I have already pointed out there are more than a dozen ways to pay or buy from TelOne including visiting your nearest TelOne branch. One thing I have noticed about TelOne’s clientele though is that it includes quite a number of the elderly for whom online bill payments are uncomfortable territory.

For such people paying their bills in a supermarket would be a better fit and much more convenient. They just give their account number to the teller who handles the rest. In the end, they don’t have to press any buttons, they just get a receipt. All they need to do is walk into the nearest supermarket and you would be hard-pressed to find a neighbourhood or even a growth-point without one of these supermarkets.


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  1. wokenman

    This is not news. I remember as far back as 2019 buying telone data at TM

    1. sadney

      Maybe the service was discontinued at some point, but it’s being re-introduced.