From working in a factory to having an animated show on TV

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Kwese Christopher Tsamba Remote DStv

Christopher Tsamba is a local animator who, through his company Mbasta Animation, got an animated show on ZBC TV. I recently had the pleasure of talking to him about the struggles of trying to make it as a content creator in Zimbabwe. As well as how he got his show on ZBC.

You can download or play the podcast with the link below. Alternatively, you can send the word “Podcast” on WhatsApp to 0717 684 274 for a copy.

You can listen to Technikari with Christopher Tsamba on these podcast sites & apps

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  1. D1vant

    Your podcasts are organized as articles on your website. Can you please organise your pods well so that, a person doesn’t have to guess!

    1. Chimunhu

      Great point

  2. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Maybe I haven’t been looking properly, but where are our animators (professional Zim animators generally) on YouTube or even just in the Internet? Even, in this case, I’ve searched for The Hukus and Mbasta animation, with no relevant outcomes.

    In as much as we may want to support local, we end up hiring animators from SA or UK, not because they are superior, but because they are more accessible. By accessible, I mean easy to find, contact (via email or phone) and quick to respond.

    With making foreign payments now difficult. The situation is so grave, it’s easier to learn Blender, Morvena ourselves, because the professional Zimbos are ghosting us.

    1. The Gray Analyst¤

      Have you ever heard of T and T animations? You can find them on Youtube. And also have you heard of Alula Animations. These guys do a pretty good job on 3D animations. Or maybe you haven’t heard of Paghetto, a cartoon on YouTube created by Crazy Creative Minds Studios. There are so so many studios out there. I think the guys are just always busy.

      1. Imi vanhu musadaro

        Alula is the only I’ve ever heard of, from someone who gave me the contact email for a guy named Pious. Sent an email and never heard back from him.

        Unfortunately, you can’t stall a project looking to support local.

        I’m not saying local studios don’t exist. If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t have bothered to look to begin with but, you cannot find them to straightforward and logical means. Maybe Zimbabwean animation studios are part of some secret society 🤣.

    2. James

      Check out Kakic Universe animation, those guys are good as well ( There are a lot of Zim animators who are professional, but theres just not enough media Coverage.
      Some of them have done work with big international organisations like Allula Animation, Afro Tokyo and Kakic Universe. What ive seen from talking to some of the guys is that they tend to go work and look for projects that pay the bills and are not keen much on getting famous online.