Meme Itel all you want but it’s doing extremely well in Africa

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itel jokes

Itel has been the butt of many jokes for the longest time in Zimbabwe. Most of them have been all in good fun but others are a little malicious. It’s good to remember that Transsion, the company that owns Itel, Tecno and Infinix, commands 37% of the smartphone market in Africa according to Counterpoint’s research.

The lion’s share of that is Tecno with 18%, which places it in first place on the continent ahead of Samsung. Itel is in third place with 12% and Transsion’s last property Infinix, is in fifth place with 7%. Now, that’s three brands owned by one company in the top 10 of the African market. So how was Transsion able to achieve this and how did it design products to capture more than a third of a market?

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