Win US$1K by composing a song for EcoCash

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EcoCash song

EcoCash is hosting a social media singing competition that will see the winner walk away with US$1000. The song will probably be used for marketing purposes as the entries that will be considered should be themed around living life the EcoCash way.

So what do you do, if you want to participate? Follow these steps;

  • Compose your own EcoCash song themed “Live life the EcoCash Way”;
  • Record yourself singing it in video or voice;
  • Share on the comments section of the EcoCash social pages under #TheEcoCashSong post;
  • Get the most reactions and win US$1000
  • Your song will then be taken for production with experts

This is a pretty cool competition but I am surprised by one thing. I think this competition would have been a great way to get people to use Sasai and the new Moments feature.

Considering that Sasai is making a push to get new users I would have thought EcoCash would also make people post to Sasai Moments as part of the competition. Maybe EcoCash didn’t want to involve Sasai because there aren’t many users on the platform or they just didn’t think about it.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. There’s 1000 up for grabs. Get singing ladies and gentlemen…


What’s your take?

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