Forex Auction results, Zim dollar gains again, rate now at 82.699

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The Zim dollar has for the second week in a row appreciated slightly. This week’s Forex Auction results show that the median average is ZWL$82.6993 against last week’s rate of ZWL$83.3209. Last week’s climb was by ZWL$0.0785, and this week there is a slightly more substantial climb of ZWL$0.6216 when compared to last week.

The full Forex Auction results are as follows:

SME Auction #6Main Auction #12
Amount AllottedUS$876 674.44US$18 334 530.08
The Highest Rate86.000088.0000
The Lowest Rate73.000075.0000
Lowest Accepted Rate73.000075.0000
Total Bids AcceptedUS$876 674.44US$18 334 530.08
Number of Bids Received74216
Number of Bids Disqualified1531

Forex Auction Weighted Average Rate: ZWL$82.6993

PURPOSEAmount Allotted SME Auction (US$)Amount Allotted Main Auction (US$)
Raw Materials255 701.248 733 446.74
Machinery and Equipment226 347.723 320 021.02
Consumables (incl Spare, Tyres, Electricals)218 332.562 288 538.49
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals66 392.74293 320.00
Services (Loans, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc)67 312.181 595 142.76
Retail and Distribution (Incl. Food, Beverages, etc)22 588.001 288 763.89
Fuel, Electricity and Gas565 297.18
Paper and Packaging20 000.00250 000.00
Total876 674.4418 334 530.08

Grand Total US$19 211 204.52


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  1. wyners

    Weird when it’s a good story for these guys the story is usually short and precise,.and apparently no comments also,… but if its abt ecocash agent line banning and limits and stuff we usually get a mouthful

    1. Wu Mao

      🤣😂 I don’t think an essay is necessary for a simple, ongoing weekly update of the rate. And while an upward trend is nice, that ZWL$0.5431 difference is evidently not life changing enough to bring people to the comments compared to the impact the ecocash saga had.