Digital Marketing School in Zimbabwe gets accreditation from UK organisation

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Afrodigital, a local digital marketing school has received accreditation from CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The CPD accreditation adds a layer of recognition to Afrodigital’s Pan-Degree in Digital Marketing.

We got in touch with Afrodigital’s Founder Trust Nhokovedzo (has over 12 years of experience in training and implementing digital marketing in the UK, US, Switzerland, South Africa and Zimbabwe) and he explained why this accreditation was so important for them;

Accreditation is important because our certification is then acceptable as an official qualification worldwide. Any student with our certificate will be recognisable globally because CPD UK is an internationally recognised organisation which accredits several university degrees and qualifications such as CIM in marketing.

Afrodigital has been offering digital marketing courses targeted at marketers, and SMEs since 2017. Their 14-module Pan-Degree in Digital marketing has concepts meant to work in the African context, something which differentiates Afrodigital from other online courses you may take.

The course also covers the following;

  • Social Media Marketing. This has to do with practising digital marketing principles on popular social networks. There is Social Media Management and Ads. The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more.
  • Search Engines. Google, Bing and are example search engines. Marketers strive to be seen and generate value from potential customer search. There Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Ads.
  • Websites optimization. These are the core of digital marketing. Expert digital marketers know that a bad website won’t take the business anywhere digitally.
  • Marketing automation. This the use of different communication technology to communicate and respond usefully to client actions for maximised conversion and customer retention. Email marketing is closely related to marketing automation.
  • Digital marketing strategy. Getting into action without a clear plan for success leads to frustration. Strategy and planning are critical in effective digital.
  • Content marketing. A good digital marketing course should leave the student with a clear understanding of what and why content marketing is important. There are key elements like keyword research and content assessment which are also essential skills a student must learn. Content includes blog posts, videos, infographics and any other information that can be used for marketing effectively.

Pricing changes

According to Afrodigital’s press material, their Pan-Degree will be increasing in pricing from 2021. The price will be reviewed from the current US$140 to US$220. The last class of 2020 is starting on the 5th of October 2020. There is another class starting on the 7th of September. Both the September and October classes will be priced at US$140.

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