WhatsApp is refining storage manager feature, updates on advanced search and more

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Back in June WhatsApp was reportedly working on a storage manager of sorts. This feature is meant to help users better manage the media received through WhatsApp. In a report by WABetaInfo, it seems like there have been strides made in this respect.

The current storage display gives users a readout of the media have received and have sent. This layout also gives users the ability to go into individual chats and free up space if needed. The current layout doesn’t give users greater detail or filters that can allow users to better narrow down files that are taking up space. It looks like WhatsApp is working to address that:

Image Credit: WABetaInfo

According to WABetaInfo the layout in development show a status bar of how much storage space is being used by the app. The new user interface (UI) will also have two filters, Large Files and Forwarded messages. These two are categories that were sorely needed. They remove the hurdle of users needing to go through individual chats in order to manage storage. Users will still have the option of going into individual chats if they wish, group and individual chat storage information will be listed below.

WABetaInfo also goes on to say that WhatsApp may introduce more improvements before this feature is available to beta testers.

Features that are available to beta testers

Sifting through chats has been a laborious and sometimes frustrating process especially when looking for media. It seems like Android users may be getting it in an update soon because Advanced Search feature has made it’s way to the beta program.

These search filters will certainly make the process of looking for different media a whole lot easier. On that note, it seems like this feature was already available on iOS.

The other two features that are available in WhatsApp’s beta version are:


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