TelOne is blacklisting subscribers with outstanding phone bills

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TelOne announced in a statement that they would be blacklisting companies and individuals who haven’t paid their outstanding bills. The statement reads as follows:

So far, 48000 people have been blacklisted.
Don’t be the next one!

Pay your outstanding telephone bill today.

We have so far blacklisted 48 000 individuals and companies who did not heed our warning to settle their outstanding telephone bills. If you have not paid off your TelOne phone bill, avoid being backlisted by making your payment to TelOne right away.

No further warnings will be issued

If you are blacklisted, you will not be able to open a bank account, access loans, or get credit approved for clothing or furniture amongst many other inconveniences that come with a bad credit rating,
Settle your bill immediately at any TelOne Service Centre or online through ourTelPay facility.

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