Facebook’s integration of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger takes a step further

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We’ve written about Facebook Portal before. Essentially this is Facebook’s grand plan to make sure that their social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and their messaging application are integrated.

This integration seems to be finally happening. As reported by the Verge, some Instagram users are being met by the pop-up below when they open the social media application;

The most interesting of the new features highlighted there is the option to “chat with your friends who use Facebook”.

It’s not yet clear, how the update is rolling out but it doesn’t seem to be available for Android users and there aren’t many details on how it will work but the assumption is you’ll simply be able to send messages to your Facebook friends from within Instagram.

This integration has been in the works for a while now, with Instagram users being able to share their story updates directly to FB for a long-time now. WhatsApp users can also share their status updates directly to Facebook.


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  1. TnashMKZ

    An interesting move on Facebook’s part but I do see a problem in the near future. Won’t Facebook and Instagram’s messengers be made redundant by WhatsApp considering that its the more popular platform?

  2. The Principal

    Not necessary kkkkkk