2 Ecocash accounts? The less active one will be closed

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Last week, we reported that the RBZ had announced with immediate effect that each individual would be allowed to only have one mobile money account. This means individuals with multiple EcoCash accounts will be affected.

The question that immediately came up was simple. “If I have two accounts which one will be closed?” Well, the MPS didn’t disclose how that would be done.

Which account will be closed?

We reached to EcoCash reps via Twitter customer support and they finally shed some light on this issue. Simply put if you have two or more accounts, the one(s) that transacts least will be closed.

Kindly note that the least transacting line will be closed. May you consider moving the funds to your most transacting line.

EcoCash ZW message via Twitter

What happens if the account is closed before you move funds?

Regarding what would happen if an account(s) is closed before funds have been moved the representative I spoke to, only noted that those with accounts that are functional should move funds as soon as possible.


What’s your take?

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  1. Zimbo

    It is very normal to have two Ecocash accounts just like you can have multiple bank accounts. The government’s move is too harsh and affects ordinary citizens, the majority who do not even use multiple lines for ‘illegal’ trades. It may be difficult for some to know which account is more active than the other. By activity do they refer to number of transactions or value of transactions. If there could be a self care option for customers to manage this transition on their own or else it will result in an avalanche of queries at Ecocash.

  2. Bhinikwa

    Ive got under kids at school who rely on my other ecocash numbers since they do not yet have IDs. They use those lines for tuck money, when stranded, on school trips, pocket money. Now how will l send money to my kids? Govt must work out a plan for low value accounts for our kids.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      May be you may want to consult ecocash if birth certificates can be used for under 16s. Alternatively you can request additional swipe cards from your bank.

  3. read it again

    read your headline “EcoCash says if you have more than account, one that transacts more won’t be closed”, now read it again slowly and fix it…

  4. JT

    I am shaking with anger. Ecocash does not allow my child to have her own Ecocash account because she is 14. They have closed my other Ecocash account that she uses for her needs when I’m not there for transport and emergencies. Furthermore, they closed the account before I had a chance to transfer funds and now “access is barred”. Even if it’s govt policy there was no adequate announcement or offers of alternatives of how she will service without access to cash or Mobil money.

  5. Stacey

    Can l have the code to select l was out of the country