WhatsApp beta update, expiring messages and new privacy policy for users in Brazil

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We last took a look at WhatsApp Beta version, which showed that they were testing and refining multiple account logins and advanced search. WhatsApp has added 2 updates to their beta through Google’s Beta Program. The first is expiring messages and the second is a new privacy policy for Brazil.

Expiring messages

This feature is still under development, according to WABetaInfo this feature might not show up in every build of the Beta. But WABetaInfo say that isn’t anything to worry about.

Image credit:WABetaInfo

This isn’t the first time that WhatsApp has been rumoured to be trying to bake in this feature into the app. Back in March WhatsApp’s  2.20.110 beta also showed that they were still working on it.

For an app that prides itself on privacy, I wonder why this kind of feature wasn’t introduced earlier. On the other hand there may be some considerable hurdles they are trying to sort through. Guess we will have to keep an ear to the ground and hopes it’s coming soon.

New privacy policy for Brazil

WhatsApp has updated their privacy policy for users in Brazil. The contents of the new privacy policy have not been revealed yet. Speculation is that there may be a link with WhatsApp payments in Brazil being shut down 9 days after launch.

A little recap, the Brazilian Central Bank moved against WhatsApp’s payments in order to preserve an adequate competitive environment. They also added that this environment should ensure a payment system that is interchangeable, fast, secure, transparent open and cheap. Banks in Brazil asked Visa and Mastercard to suspend money transfers through the app.

Whether it’s true or not (that the privacy policy has anything to do with WhatsApp Payments in Brazil) we will have to wait and see what the actual document contains.


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