TunnelBear is giving Zimbabweans free 10 GB usage access on their VPN service

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TunnelBear, a VPN service, has seen twelve times the amount of traffic coming from Zimbabwe. This is because Zimbabweans fear that there may be some sort of internet shutdown tomorrow. In light of this TunnelBear tweeted this:


That’s right they are giving Zimbabweans 10 GB of data to use on their VPN service. This 10 GB is the total amount of data you can use while the VPN is activated.

You’ll still need to have:

  • Mobile data bundle/credit,
  • Or an active and credited home or work internet connection.

This data only allows you to access 10 GB of data through their servers. If there is no shutdown then you can use it to watch shows and movies on your streaming service of choice that may be geo-locked.

App Store and Google Play Store Links:

Note: If there is a total internet shutdown then VPNs won’t be of any use, they only work if specific URLs like social media sites are blocked.

You can also watch: Will a VPN work during an internet shutdown? To learn more about how VPNs work.

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  1. Ljay

    Wait, so it(the 10gig) doesn’t work if you don’t have actuall data(mobile)?

    1. Dark Knight

      Yup, you will still need data in your phone

      1. George Chisvo

        They only gave me 500mb. I have to buy more

        1. tomotPL

          You can get 1 more GB by tweeting at them, just type your Twitter @ in the app

    2. Valentine Muhamba

      Yeah, VPNs are like a middle man, they secure and encrypt your connection, but you have to have an active internet connection to use a VPN to begin with. So when using a VPN you are passing your connection through their servers, and those servers are outside the areas where websites are being blocked.

      Most free VPNs work but may have a data limit or are unlimited but sometimes the connection can be spotty. They often have paid packages that allow you to pass more data through their servers. In this case if you already have an internet connection the amount of data you can use through TunnelBear will be 10 GB.

  2. Thubelihle

    So if I get access to 10 gig then leave WiFi place to my home where I have no mobile data or internet connection, will I be able to continue browsing??

    1. Don

      Really…? Smh

    2. Mdulababy

      no you cannot because the 10gig is just for the amount of data they will allow you through their servers. You still need to have internet connection or mobile data

  3. elton

    how do i connet to their serves.

  4. Maqathelana

    How do I connect tunnel bear so I can access the Internet?

  5. Enoch

    I hear that you are helping people with 10GB

  6. Clive


  7. Authur


  8. knowledge moreni