Champion Insurance launches mobile app

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Champion Insurance has launched their mobile application on Google Play Store. The insurance application will allow motorists to purchase their insurance, ZINARA and Radio license in the comfort of their homes.

Features being touted by champions Insurance are;

  • Online insurance, Zinara and radio license purchase
  • Provide users with a quotation should they require it first.
  • Easy collection points after online purchase with a wide network for collections in every City, Town and Growth points.
  • Claims reporting on the App
  • Towing services add-on the app
  • Offer 24/7 online service from the comfort of their homes.
  • View policy statement and other products offered by Champions Insurance¬†
  • Easy access of Champions insurance branches with the branch locator facility.

As a company, our drive is to offer convenient digital platforms to our clients without taking away the exceptional experience from the process.

Champion Insurance

Interestingly you can also make a claim through the application. Thankfully, the app details a step by step process you can follow to make your claim including all the documentation you’ll need. This is a pretty cool feature and one that could make the claim process much more convenient, especially at a time when movement is restricted due to the Coronavirus.

Hopefully this won’t become a ghost town

Champion’s move to make an application is a good one and one would hope they don’t follow in the footsteps of Allied Insurance which released their application in July 2019 and never went on to update it after.

Download Champions Insurance App on Android

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  1. Anonymous

    I used the app last month, it took me a few minutes to pay my zinara and insurance , they did a good job on the app