[Updated] ZOL suspended sale of LTE SIM cards but they will be back soon

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In early March, we wrote an article on how ZOL had run out of LTE SIM cards, and since then the SIM cards never came back in stock. At that time the Novel Coronavirus was to blame but now it seems there is another issue at hand.

ZOL cutsomers enquiring about the LTE SIM cards have been told that the service has been suspended indefinitely on ZOL’s social media channels;

Due to the challenges currently being experienced on our LTE platform, please note that we have suspended all LTE sales till further notice. Work is ongoing for improved service for all users.

Kindly bear with us as we conclude on delivering reliable service to you.

ZOL via Twitter

ZOL WiBroniks (the LTE service provided by ZOL) has been in a shambolic state for what seems like an eternity now. Just visit their social media pages and see how many people are complaining about the network.

It makes sense that with this being the case and with ZOL failing to get the service up to scratch despite multiple maintenance updates they would discontinue the service until their house is in order.

What is disheartening is the fact that ZOL has been telling potential customers that there are challenges being experienced on the LTE platform but not extending the same courtesy to their existing WiBroniks customers.

They haven’t reached out to WiBroniks customers with a statement explaining why despite paying for the service month-in, month-out and suffering through multiple price hikes the service isn’t working as advertised.

PS: We’ve reached out to ZOL representatives to understand what the issue might be and they are yet to respond at the time of publishing.

[Update] ZOL reached out and explained that they have completed the maintenance exercise and the LTE sim cards will be back in stock from tomorrow (27 June):

The maintenance and optimisation exercise has since been completed and we have registered improved service for all users. If any customer is still experiencing challenges, we ask that they get in touch with us for further troubleshooting and investigations.

Sales have resumed. We encourage any potential customers to get in touch with us for a site survey.

ZOL statement

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  1. Tavengwa Sipapate

    Lies, the service is far much worse than when I got the SIM card last year