Zimbabwe Chamber Of Mines Set To Upgrade Their Systems

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In a report by Mining Zimbabwe, the President of the Chamber of Mines Ms Elizabeth Nerwande is making it a priority to upgrade their resource centres. The goal is to ensure that information is a click away for members of the Chamber and other interested parties.

After her re-election for a second and final term, the agenda she has set out is to make the institution one that offers, real and tangible benefits to its members.

“While we continue to pursue our issues of lobbying and engaging on the ease of doing business, bearing in mind the industry’s state-objective of attaining a US$12 billion sector by 2023, top on my agenda in this second era is to place the Chamber as a leader of Information.”

Ms Elizabeth Nerwande, President of CoMZ

She also highlighted the effect the Coronavirus Pandemic has had, and why upgrading their resource centres is important.

“Given this new normal occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic where we all must observe social distancing measures, 80 percent of our work is now running through use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). Our role in relaying information as well as being a point of reference on mining matters has also become more urgent. We are therefore in the process of enhancing our capacity to have updated information. We are working on upgrading our resource centre.”

Besides the advent of the digital age, the pandemic has pushed the world more to using their devices to keep abreast of things at home and abroad. It is encouraging to see ZCoM make this move and hopefully more organisations will do the same if they haven’t already.

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